In spite of the fact that the Friday the 13th franchise is one full of blood and guts, one of the fiercest fights raging regarding Jason Voorhees at the moment is one over the rights to the intellectual property as a whole. Indeed, original writer Victor Miller has been embroiled in a battle against producer Sean Cunningham and Horror, INC. over the franchise. Thankfully, it turns out that Friday the 13th: The Game will not see any fallout from this ongoing saga.

That is, according to Horror, INC. lawyer Robert Wyman. The lawyer has been able to ease any fears that gamers might have over the future of the game, advising that “the Victor Miller claim does not impact the current game being distributed by Gun Media now or in the future.” Wyman was able to clarify further by stating that “even if he won his action, Mr. Miller would not own the Jason character as he has come to be known and loved and feared. He did not create the title and so would not have the right to control its use.”

The lawsuit itself relates to ownership over the Friday the 13th franchise as a whole, and the right to make further films in the series. Miller, who wrote the original movie, has claimed that he should hold rights overall, while Cunningham instead takes the standpoint that Miller was a writer for hire and therefore does not hold a larger stake in the franchise.

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With such a huge, sprawling movie series as Friday the 13th, these issues were no doubt always going to appear, and it’s something that even the makers of Friday the 13th: The Game have struggled with. Recently, Gun Media and Illfonic have opened a campaign to add a classic character from the movies into Friday the 13th, but with the unfortunate passing of actress Gloria Charles they have been finding it hard to find those responsible for her estate.

So far, Friday the 13th has had an exciting but stop-start beginning to its life on the market, with extremely strong sales in spite of a multitude of bugs and glitches. All in all, gamers seem content with the potential that the game provides, but are expecting those issues to be ironed out in order to keep faith in the title, with Gun Media attempting to curb bad behavior with an extensive list of what will get players banned in Friday the 13th. At the very least, this lawsuit won’t affect the stability of the game.

Friday the 13th: The Game is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Game Revolution