No matter how many times Jason from Friday the 13th is killed, he always finds a way to come back to life. Ironically, some PC players on Friday the 13th: The Game are experiencing a similar phenomenon. It seems the developers’ attempts to keep Uber Jason out of online games until his official release have failed, as crafty players have once again found a way to play as the forthcoming Jason in online PC matches.

Ever since the upgraded, futuristic-looking Uber Jason from Jason X¬†was revealed in Friday the 13th: The Game’s Virtual Cabin, players have been looking for ways to assume the iconic killer’s most brutal, capable form. As fate would have it, it wasn’t long after that players began reporting what appeared to be Uber Jason in their online matches.

The accounts of unfortunate camp counselors meeting their grisly demise at the hands of an unreleased Jason first surfaced on Reddit. Supposedly, hackers had found a way to upload Uber Jason’s appearance to another Jason form, but were unable to exploit the upcoming Uber Jason’s specific stats and moves. Soon after, Gun Media and IllFonic took action against the hackers and hotfixed the loophole out of the game.

Now, with the release of Friday the 13th’s most recent update, Reddit is alight with reports of the resilient Uber Jason re-appearing in online games. This time, however, the Uber Jasons are more than just skins, terrorizing counselors with a unique set of stats.

Without getting into the technical nitty-gritty, Reddit theorists suppose the hackers found a way to exploit the latest update to gain access to the entirety of Uber Jason’s form. One user who was able to play offline as Uber Jason posted a video to YouTube showcasing his new stats.

While the developers have yet to respond to the apparent exploit, it’s clear they take any form of impropriety seriously. Just recently, they introduced the ‘Salt’ system, where players accumulate Salt points every time they leave a match early, leave a match while being killed, leave a match as Jason, and most importantly, leave a match as host. Salty players are forced to enter matches with their own ilk, leaving them to taste their own medicine and suffer matches with uncertain fates.

Friday the 13th: The Game is out now for Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit