If there’s one thing that defines the Friday the 13th franchise more than the iconic hockey mask, it’s gratuitous violence, namely at the hands of Jason Voorhees. In that tradition, Friday the 13th: The Game unveiled in its latest update what is indisputably the most gruesome Jason kill yet: death by woodchipper.

The latest update to Friday the 13th brought long-anticipated Single Player Challenges to the Crystal Lake experience. It is within one of these challenges that one unlucky camp counselor is doomed to meet their fate staring down the inlet of a woodchipper. The incredibly grisly scene is shown in full cinematic detail, taking place in history as one of the entire franchise’s bloodiest, most disturbing moments. The copious gore contrasts well with Jason’s purple jacket and greenish mask, a tribute to LJN’s NES anti-classic, Friday the 13th.

The scene takes place in the Higgens Haven map, as part of the ‘The Showalter’ Hidden Objective from Challenge #4, ‘Stargazer.’ Playing as Jason, the player is tasked with turning poor, unsuspecting camp counselor Kenny into a chunky pulp. All there is to do is wait for Kenny to wander toward the yellow woodchipper and then approach him and hit the action button. Kenny never stood a chance. Depending on each player’s disposition, this could be one of Friday the 13th’s finest moments or most appalling.

Masked Jason from Friday the 13th: The Game

The latest update to Friday the 13: The Game, also arguably its most substantial, brought about Single Player Challenges, a new counselor, a bevy of fixes, and more. The all-new Single Player Challenges put players in control of Jason, stalking and killing counselors in several different cinematic scenarios. Accomplishing special challenge objectives will go toward unlocking 30 brand new character emotes. The closest thing thus far to a dedicated story mode, this beefy update is currently available free-of-charge to anyone with the base game.

Bundled together with a significant engine update boasting a noticeably darker color palette, Gun Media and IllFonic seem determined to maintain Friday the 13th’s core player base and attract new players with new modes and fundamental updates to gameplay mechanics and presentation.

Friday the 13th: The Game is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.