Friday The 13th Releases Brutal Killer Trailer; Jason in Hell Design Revealed

friday the 13 brutal killer trailer

As part of its PAX East 2017 presence, developer Gun Media revealed a new trailer for Friday the 13th. Like many of the past trailers, this latest one highlights the brutal ways that Jason Voorhees can dispatch camp counselors, from the creative to the downright nasty.

Eagle eyed Friday the 13th fans might also notice some new looks for Jason in the trailer, specifically designs inspired by his appearances in Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan and Friday the 13th: Part 9: Jason Goes to Hell.

It’s true that Jason doesn’t have that much screen time in Part 9, as it is his soul that is inhabiting average humans and doing the killing, but he does make an appearance in his trademark hockey mask in the beginning. It’s that look which Gun Media is using for its game.

For a game based on one of the most popular slasher series around, Friday the 13th appears to be doing its best to pack in as many creative kills as possible. Some are completely original for the new game, while others take inspiration from actual kills in the Jason movies. With a body count that totals close to 150 people, Jason certainly offers a diverse variety for Gun Media to choose from, not to mention 12 films worth of character designs.

But even though the majority of Jason’s designs are based on the feature films, the Friday the 13th game will also boast a few original creations as well. This week, Gun Media revealed a new look for Jason that imagines what the character would look like in Hell. Take a look below:

friday the 13th game jason hell

What’s more, Tom Savini, who served as special effects and makeup artist on the original Friday the 13th film, created this Jason in Hell design. Some might recognize Savini for his work in front the camera, but he actually has quite the legacy behind the camera as well.

While Friday the 13th may not seem like a game that would lend itself well to a video game, Gun Media has come up with an interesting concept that captures the spirit of the films through asymmetric multiplayer. And there’s certainly a lot for the developers to drawn on, from creative kills to different looks for Jason.

Friday the 13th will be available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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