This weekend, an open beta will allow gamers to try out the new zombie survival game Dead Alliance for free. Friday the 13th: The Game developers IllFonic and Psyop Games have released a new trailer that lays out the modes set to be available in the preview, as well as tips on how to get ahead.

The three modes set to be included in the Dead Alliance beta are Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, and Attrition. While the first two are staples of the FPS genre, the latter takes many of its cues from MOBA games, which should put an interesting spin on gameplay.

Dead Alliance has flown under the radar somewhat since it was announced in May 2017, but that all changed earlier this week, when it emerged that IllFonic was working on the title. The developer only just released Friday the 13th: The Game, and many fans were furious that the team was shifting its attention to another project so quickly.

Since it launched earlier this year, Friday the 13th: The Game has been affected by a host of bugs and problems with online play. Players have been very frustrated, as there seems to be a very enjoyable multiplayer experience trapped behind these technical hiccups.

However, IllFonic has now released a long-awaited Xbox One patch, noting that any lack of communication in recent weeks has been the result of its hard work on Friday the 13th, rather than a new focus on Dead Alliance. Still, it’s not difficult to see why the game’s community feels put out.

It’s understandable that developers will move onto other projects having shipped a new game. That being said, different rules apply to titles that revolve around online multiplayer — and if that core component doesn’t work perfectly, there’s always going to be disappointment when patches take a while to appear, and communication is minimal.

The Friday the 13th: The Game developer’s new game Dead Alliance‘s open beta runs until July 31 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The full game is scheduled to launch on August 29, 2017.

Source: Maximum Games – YouTube