Friday the 13th The Game: How to Kill Jason

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While some Friday the 13th The Game players are still trying to get into matches quickly and regularly, others are diving deep into the lore of Gun Media’s new, Kickstarter funded game. Specifically, players are now testing a new multi-step process that lets them kill Jason in a match.

When the alpha test for the Friday the 13th The Game first released there were hints that items in the game could lead to bigger events, but no one truly knew what. Most assumed that killing Jason could be a possibility – even Gun Media teased as much – but it wasn’t until the final game released that players figured out how to do it.

Step 1: Find Jason's Shack

First thing players want to do is locate Jason’s shack. This is different on each map, but it’s where Jason spawns.

Step 2: Wear Jason's Mother's Sweater as a Female Counselor

Inside of Jason’s shack will be a shrine to his mother, including her severed head and her white sweater. Any player can pick up and wear the sweater (it's useful regardless) but in order to kill Jason, a female counselor needs to wear it and have a melee weapon in her possession.

Step 3: Call in Tommy Jarvis


The only other major piece of planning is that Tommy Jarvis needs to be active in the game. To call on Tommy Jarvis, one counselor needs to use the radio and then at least one player needs to die. At a certain point in the game, a dead player will come back into the match as Tommy Jarvis, who has top tier stats and wields a shotgun. However, Tommy needs a machete in order to do this correctly.

Step 4: Knock Jason's Mask Off

Now that the planning is out of the way, it’s time to put the wheels in motion to kill Jason. First, the counselors need to hit Jason with melee weapons until his mask falls off. Each Jason skin has a different face underneath, but it will be pretty easy to tell when the mask is gone. Jason will look different.

Step 5: Have Tommy Take Jason's Mask

Once the mask falls off of Jason’s face, the player controlling Tommy needs to pick up the mask. He, and only he, can pick up the mask for this to work correctly.

Step 6: Use the Sweater to Stun Jason and Hit Him

With the mask off and in Tommy’s possession, the female counselor with Jason’s mother’s sweater on needs to hit the active button in front of Jason. On PC this will be Q, on PS4 it’s Triangle, and on Xbox One it’s Y. If done correctly Jason should be stunned.

Friday the 13th Release Date Revealed - Jason Voorhees

Now that Jason is stunned, that same female counselor needs to hit him with the melee weapon. This should bring him to his knees.

Step 7: Tommy Kills Jason

The final step is for the player controlling Tommy Jarvis to hit the button prompt to hit the kneeling Jason Voorhees and kill him. Everyone will know that it has been done correctly as a small scene will trigger, showing Jason’s death.

With Jason dead, every remaining counselor will earn a win for the match and some XP to boot. The player who was Jason at least gets credit for one kill, but should be ashamed for falling into such a complex trap.

Friday the 13th Jason

Although Friday the 13th the game is fairly straightforward, this Easter Egg is a fun addition that players have uncovered. Perhaps there are more hidden within the game, or maybe Gun Media will add more after the studio finishes work on the single player campaign.

Friday the 13th The Game is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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