Friday the 13th: The Game fans, rejoice – a brand-new hotfix for the PC and PlayStation 4 version of the title is now available. Among other things, the hotfix will address a handful of immediate player concerns and remedy a list of post-patch issues.

Illfonic’s Joshua Gertz first broke news of the hotfix, which went live today, just a day after it was announced. While the quickness of the fix is a welcome change given past Friday the 13th patch delays, the unfortunate downside is that not every system is getting it at the same time. PC and PS4 players have the hotfix available to download at the time of writing, but those rocking an Xbox One system will have to wait a while. Gertz explained that there isn’t currently an estimated time of arrival for the Xbox One hotfix, though players should expect additional information soon.

friday the 13th the game window break animation

Gertz detailed the full list of changes, including fixes for matchmaking and various errors with Jason Voorhees, on a post in a Friday the 13th forum. One aspect that sticks out more than others is the new window break animation that went undocumented in the game’s most recent patch. Jason’s new animation that was required to smash through glass windows slowed the killer down significantly, a side effect that was largely met with negative fan response. Instead of removing the feature entirely, the hotfix speeds it up, giving Jason more momentum when breaking each window during an animation.

Regarding the decision to keep the animation in the game, Gertz explained, “In my initial post, I said we will likely roll it back and find a solution for the Jason’s that were more problematic. After we got more feedback and talked about it internally, we decided to fix the problems with the change instead.”

friday the 13th the game hotfix

A few matchmaking problems have been cleared up as well, namely the one that created a new lobby after searching for only 10 seconds. The hotfix has also increased the ping threshold to 300ms on the PS4 edition of the game. A weapon fix is included too, which resolves the error that caused weapon durability to stagnate when players were hitting Jason and he wasn’t taking damage.

On the map side of things, the hidden door and cabin tree in Packanack have been removed, players will no longer see the names of certain textures displayed on cabin and rock surfaces, and Jason doesn’t get locked out of interactions.

friday the 13th the game pc ps4 hotfix

With this new hotfix, the recently announced Spring Break 1984 clothing pack, and a bundle of smaller-scale maps heading to the title, things are looking up for Friday the 13th as Illfonic and Gun Media double down on receiving fan feedback with an open mind.

Friday the 13th: The Game is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.