These days, it’s not uncommon for game developers and publishers to stratify a game’s release dates and subsequent patch debuts for certain platforms, perhaps releasing a title and day one patches on popular consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One a few days before launching on PC. But for Friday the 13th: The Game players attempting to play the title on an Xbox One console, the delay of patches has been frustratingly long. The minds behind the game have been hush-hush about the improvements that would bring the Xbox One version of Friday the 13th up to the same level of play and performance as the PC and PlayStation 4 versions for quite some time. Now, they’ve finally released a small update addressing the situation.

The update was given in direct response to a user on Twitter, accused the Friday the 13th game developers of dropped platform support, particularly for the Xbox One, due to the lack of discussion on their part about the patches and updates coming to the game’s different console versions. The official Friday the 13th Twitter account replied, stating that the developers are still hard at work on the game and that this preoccupation is what caused the lack of communication.

The tweet states “nope” in response to the user’s allegation that the team “gave up supporting the game,” and mentions that the team has also been busy preparing for San Diego Comic-Con 2017, which kicked off earlier this week and runs until Sunday, July 23. “Just heads down on the Xbox version with others on the team working content. Prep for SDCC as well,” the full response reads. The account then tweeted the statement out directly in apparent efforts to reach a wider audience that was likely wondering about the status of the Xbox One version of Friday the 13th: The Game.

friday the 13th xbox one patch

The initial statement comes about a week after the game’s developer Illfonic stated that a Friday the 13th Xbox One patch would be coming “very soon.” Though brief, the update may provide some reassurance to the game’s Xbox One players, but the mention of additional content being prepped for Comic-Con should get users across all platforms pretty excited. Players have long been requesting add-ins to the title, namely extra maps, exclusive single-player content, and even additional characters (or even a new killer). The developer stating that the team is working on the game and attending Comic-Con could indicate that information on upcoming content will be announced during the event.

Additionally, Friday the 13th co-creator Ronnie Hobbs laid to rest any burgeoning ideas that the members of the game’s development team who are at Comic-Con were avoiding “fixing” the game. “No one who is at [Comic-Con] can ‘fix’ the game. Lots of employees [who] all have different jobs,” Hobbs wrote on Twitter.

friday the 13th game xbox one version patch

Since the game’s launch back in late May, players gaming on an Xbox One console have been hit with a slew of setbacks. Certain patches for the Xbox One version of the title didn’t receive certification, as they reportedly weren’t able to. Additionally, getting the updates verified for the system proved quite difficult, as Microsoft’s verification process is more complex and involved than others. Friday the 13th fans have faced disconnect troubles, improperly functioning or completely unusable perks, and glitches that alter the overall gameplay experience.

Though this update may be brief in length and not as descriptive in nature as some would like, as it doesn’t give up any specifics on a release window for a new Xbox One patch, it seems like a step in the right direction. Here’s to hoping that the devs bring this version of game up to speed with its PC and PlayStation 4 versions in the near future.

Friday the 13th: The Game is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Twitter – Friday the 13th Game