Ever since Friday The 13th: The Game came out this May, the title has become a surprise hit with fans eager to live out the Camp Crystal experience. The survival horror title has grown in popularity despite fielding persistent issues with bugs – a problem in which developer Illfonic has been working hard to correct. Despite this, the Xbox One edition of Friday The 13th: The Game has certainly had it more worse for wear than its PS4 counterpart, and Illfonic has now taken to Twitter to say a belated Xbox One patch is due to arrive “very soon.”

Unfortunately for Xbox One users, the earlier patch included with the Retro Jason content failed to get Xbox certification, meaning Illfonic wasn’t allowed to release it. This was due both to a significant memory leak issue and some instability with the new content – a combination that’s a very unfortunate inclusion in a patch meant to fix various bugs and problems. It’s been rough going for Xbox One fans, who not only missed out on a Day One Patch that other platforms got, but even had to wait longer than others for the big matchmaking patch, meaning gamers on that console had to play with issues that came in straight from the game’s alpha.

Despite the controversy of belated Xbox patches, the true highlight of the horror property this month belongs to the titanic fight for the intellectual property rights to Friday The 13th as a whole. Original writer Victor Miller is currently involved in a high-stakes legal battle against Sean Cunningham and Horror, INC. over the IP rights to the franchise. Fortunately for fans worried about how these proceedings might impact the game, a lawyer representing Horror, INC. assuaged fears by stating that the lawsuit won’t affect the game or its distribution at all.

While the game continues to be problematic on the Xbox One, the PS4 version managed to secure the most digital downloads of any PS4 title this past June. Evidently, Illfonic would do well to get the belated patch through the stringent Xbox One certification process soon, and while Illfonic has said this is the case, no official patch date has been confirmed as of yet.

Friday The 13th is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Illfonic – Twitter