The latest patch for Friday the 13th was just released, and it has made some big changes to the game. Most notably, the maps have been reduced in size and team killing has been removed for public matches in a brand new build that is now available on all platforms.

The patch announcement, along with a full list of patch notes, was posted to the Friday the 13th game’s forums. Anyone who wants the full details on specific tweaks and bug fixes that came along with the updates, check it out.

The smaller maps will likely be the biggest shift for the game. Each map has been reduced by 40%, nearly half of what they once were. This was done to increase the overall pace of the game, as things should now heat up between Jason and the counselors with less room to run. The other major change is the removal of Team Killing in public matches. While cars can still be used to kill teammates, perhaps to leave the game slightly realistic, but nothing else will put a dent in fellow counsellors – not even a shotgun.


The latest patch will smooth things out in the game and prepare players for upcoming new content. Friday the 13th recently released a developer video that goes over some of the new things heading to the game, including a new game mode. Additionally, players will soon have the ability to customize the game’s car, and a new emote system is in the works. The video also hints at new versions of Jason, new maps, and previews new kills.

An update that dropped earlier this week also added customization options for players. The counselor clothing update allows players to change their character’s outfits. They can even alter individual pieces of the outfit, such as its color or the material its made of. Unfortunately, no outfits can be mixed and matched at this time.

In addition to personalizing a character’s costume, the game also added a few more clothing options earlier this week with another pack themed to Spring Break – that is, Spring Break 1984, of course. The outfits are preview of what the counselors would look like if they got to spend a day relaxing by the lake, instead of running for their lives. The swimsuits range from teeny tiny bikinis for the ladies to teeny tiny speedos for the men.

Friday the 13th: The Game is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.