In the past, developers Illfonic Games and Gun Media have rolled out patch notes for their survival horror title Friday the 13th: The Game in places like its Steam page, official social media accounts like its Facebook page, and even through posts in appropriate game-related Reddit forums. Now, it appears that the devs have made the switch to publishing notes exclusively on the game’s revamped website. The most recent release came earlier this weekend in an extensive list of notes for a Friday the 13th: The Game update that doesn’t yet have a release date.

The notes detail that Illfonic Games and Gun Media wanted to give players an “early preview of what the next patch will have in it,” which is, apparently, quite a lot. According to the notes, in-game stability will be drastically improved thanks to a fix for a “major memory leak” as well as a number of crash fixes. Even substantial changes are coming to parties, invites, matchmaking, maps, and overall gameplay.

friday the 13th the game matchmaking update

Friday the 13th party leaders will now have the chance to follow public game invites and bring additional members with them. However, party leaders are no longer allowed to join invites to sessions that “don’t advertise” — essentially private matches. The reasoning behind this is that players can’t search for such non-advertising sessions, which prevents members from following their leader into them. Matchmaking through Steam will work more efficiently to locate lower-pinging matches, and PS4 matchmaking will reportedly be up to “six times more efficient with tighter ping requirements.”

Party, invite, and matchmaking fixes are aplenty as well. Xbox One matchmaking bugs have been smoothed over, issues with how Friday the 13th handles invites and matchmaking have been mostly resolved (there still exist a few rare bugs), and errors in canceling matchmaking have been fixed. Additionally, party members will now be able to see their leader’s matchmaking time and status, and various improvements to error messaging have been implemented. It remains to be seen whether the update will improve matchmaking wait times.

friday the 13th the game new maps

The forthcoming update for Friday the 13th: The Game tacks on a slew of map changes, including the addition of the new maps Packanack Small, Higgins Haven Small, and Camp Crystal Lake Small. The update also includes increased density of kill locations across all maps; adjusted collision on maps so players don’t stand on water; and adjusted collision on piers so cars don’t drive on them and under piers so players don’t swim underneath.

Fixes have been made to non-functioning kill spots, the issue that rendered players incapable of fixing broken boat propellers based on the position of their boat on the dock, and areas on the map where players weren’t able to get out of. In terms of how the killer Jason fits into the new map tweaks, the update resolves the areas in which Counselors could get to that Jason couldn’t and adds better collision near boat exits to keep Jason out of places he shouldn’t be in.

friday the 13th the game update gameplay killings

On the gameplay side of things, team killing is no longer possible in Friday the 13th public matches. This confirms previous reports that the game’s newest update would curb team killing. There’s also no longer an XP penalty for placing traps to hurt or kill another player in public matches, but private matches haven’t changed. If players are hit by a car, they will still take on damage. And as far as Jason is concerned, he’s no longer able to block through firecrackers, flare guns, shotguns, traps, or the police. There are a handful of gameplay fixes as well, which are as follows:

  • Fixed an issue where the Counselors breath wouldn’t start to recharge if the user continued to hold the button after breath was depleted.
  • Fixed an issue with Fear being canceled if pulled out of a car.
  • Fixed an issue with the Police Objective happening when it shouldn’t be.
  • Fixed a number of issues regarding objects falling through the ground.
  • Fixed an issue where Damage and Stun chance were only being calculated on the first attack.
  • Fixed reliability of perks that spawn items at the start of the match.

friday the 13th the game cinematics cutscene changes

The last portion of this hefty update are the miscellaneous fixes, the most interesting of which are the changes being made to the game’s intro and outro cinematics. These non-skippable scenes are the nearly same each time, with only minor adjustments to the playable Jason, the map and match, and perhaps a quote shown. Based on the patch notes alone, it’s entirely unclear what exactly the cinematics’ improvements will entail. Additionally, there’s no word on whether adjustments will be made to the Retro Jason cutscene.

The rest of the miscellaneous notes detail that Xbox One versions of the game will have increased texture resolution, the PhD for Murder Achievement/Trophy has been fixed, and players can now unready in private matches even when the countdown is low. The full list of patch notes can be viewed at the official website for Friday the 13th: The Game.


This update alone may seem enough to get players amped up, but there’s even more exciting content coming soon. With the recent announcements that the game may add in a new Jason skin and introduce chilling, free-to-obtain emotes, now seems a great time to be a Friday the 13th fan.

Friday the 13th: The Game is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: F13Game