Friday the 13th: The Game‘s first cosmetic DLC for camp counselors is still in the works, waiting on the multiplayer horror game’s Counselor Clothing update to enable outfits. In the mean time, Illfonic is sharing just what each camp counselor’s look is in the Spring Break 1984 DLC along with their different customization options.

Spring break outfits for both Tiffany and Chad were shown with the Spring Break 1984 DLC pack’s initial announcement three weeks ago. More recently, Illfonic released a trailer for the Spring Break DLC that provided brief looks for most of Friday the 13th’s camp counselors in motion, but left a lot to the imagination. These new images provide the first full look at all swimsuit/spring break outfits for all 10 counselors.

The images are shot in-game from the new customization menu that will be added in the Counselor Clothing update. Unfortunately, that means that the images are all a bit dark, as it’s meant for showcasing the game’s shadowy, creepy atmosphere and not built for studio photography lighting. The screenshots are more than what was available before, though, and that’s ultimately what matters most.

Friday the 13th Spring Break 1984 - Adam Friday the 13th Spring Break 1984 - AJ Friday the 13th Spring Break 1984 - Buggzy Friday the 13th Spring Break 1984 - Vanessa Friday the 13th Spring Break 1984 - Tiffany Friday the 13th Spring Break 1984 - Kenny Friday the 13th Spring Break 1984 - Jenny Friday the 13th Spring Break 1984 - Eric Friday the 13th Spring Break 1984 - Deb

As for customization, players can see in these new Spring Break 1984 DLC photos just what the Counselor Clothing update changes. Players first choose their outfit, currently only the standard counselor clothes and the new DLC swimsuit. They then choose a clothing item from that outfit, like Adam’s jean shorts or t-shirt. Finally, the player can assign a specific design/material to that clothing item. It’s a ton of content for such

All Spring Break 1984 DLC outfits will be included in a single purchase initially costing only $1.99, along with the individual clothing items and color and material customizations. There is currently no announced release date for the Counselor Clothing update, which will have to preclude the release of the Spring Break DLC. A mid-to-late September release seems realistic, but there’s a certain appeal to releasing new Friday the 13th content in October Illfonic may not be able to ignore.

Friday the 13th: The Game is available now on digitally on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.