Friday the 13th Game Players Note Server and Connection Problems

Friday the 13th server problems

The Friday the 13th game releases today on PC and consoles, but players are reporting connection problems with its multiplayer. This is just the latest controversy to hit the game this week, as Friday the 13th's Kickstarter backers were upset that they weren't amongst the first to play the game.

Earlier today on Twitter, the official Friday the 13th account revealed the "bad news," explaining that the game's servers had been "hammered hard with so many people accessing our game" that they overloaded. Although the development team at Gun Media aimed to restart the servers and get things back on track, connection issues continued to plague the game, with fans estimating that the problem had gone on for over 15 hours since launch.

Gun Media promised to look into why the problems were still occurring, explaining that it "comes down to so many users...which is a weird problem to have." Eventually, it confirmed that it was migrating Friday the 13th to a "new server package for more people around the world" and even though things would be rolled out "slowly," it should lead to "bigger, hopefully better servers."

While many were glad that the game would finally start to work as intended, others were frustrated that the problems had persisted for so long. Some even went as far as to call Gun Media 'Ubisoft junior.' With the multi-national video game company being significantly larger than the Friday the 13th team, the comparisons are unfair, but as Ubisoft is known for its rocky launches (The Division famously had server problems at launch) it's easy to see where they're coming from.

Fans' anger is also exacerbated by the fact that Friday the 13th single player will come as a post-launch update. As it stands, the game only offers multiplayer content.

While this multiplayer content is said to be very strong, according to reviews that have rolled in today, if players can't access it then it's no wonder that they're ready to wield pitchforks at dawn. It is positive to see that Gun Media is on the case, though, even if the benefits of the server upgrade are taking a bit of time to be felt by players. Fingers crossed that Friday the 13th will work as intended very soon.

Friday the 13th is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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