As many gamers are likely aware, Friday the 13th: The Game had a litany of server problems at release across the title’s separate platforms on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, which led to a less than stellar launch experience for both fans and developers alike. With this having been the case, publisher Gun Media and developer Illfonic are prepared to apologize for the unexpected issues encountered when the title first came out by rewarding folks who are still playing with the first free content update on June 20, 2017 that includes a Retro Jason skin and more.

As seen in the trailer below from publisher Gun Media, Friday the 13th: The Game fans can not only get a look at the purple-hued Retro Jason skin, but also they can see a sneak peek at some of the outfits for the counselors – each character will get two apiece – that will be added to the title later this month. Not to mention, the title’s creators are going to offer 13,000 free Customization Points for players to spend, a double XP weekend from June 23 to June 25, as well as original chip tune music from the Swedish electronic musician Mitch Murder.

For those wondering why Jason Voorhees’ plum-colored getup is being called a “Retro” skin, the publisher and developer are making a callback to the original Friday the 13th game created by LJN and Atlus for the Nintendo Entertainment System. In this version, the Camp Crystal Lake killer dons an all-purple jumpsuit and wears a teal hockey mask that’s also the color of the skin on his hands for some reason or another.

While Friday the 13th: The Game‘s Retro Jason skin is definitely a great throwback reference to the 1989 NES release, it won’t likely become the most coveted costume for the character. As it so happens, the flaming Jason skin is by far the most desired outfit by fans, but it’s only available to those who initially supported the game on Kickstarter directly through Backerkit when the title was in the early stages of development.

All things considered, Gun Media and Illfonic’s first round of post-launch support for Friday the 13th: The Game is a great way to build more goodwill between the companies and the fans. After all, it’s difficult to get upset at free content.

Friday the 13th: The Game is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.