Friday the 13th The Game developer Gun Media has offered an update on its forthcoming patch for PS4 and Xbox One, saying that progress is being made but no firm release date has been nailed down. The PC version of Friday the 13th, however, has been working of the latest patch for several days now, which has led to frustration among console players.

To say that things have gone less than smooth since Friday the 13th’s launch on Friday the 26th would be putting it mildly. As most are well aware, the game’s servers were hammered by a larger than expected player base, which in turn led to numerous issues and errors.

Eventually, Gun Media was able to expand the servers but the struggles to deliver consistent games and to lessen matchmaking times still persisted. Players on PS4 and Xbox One especially would have to wait upwards of 10 minutes just to find a match, and often times that match would crash due to one error or another.

After finally giving the Xbox One its day one patch (almost a week later) promised a fix was on the works and even outlined some of the most pressing issues, but that was a few days ago now. At the time it seemed like a patch might release before the weekend, or at least during the weekend, but now things are even less clear.

Here is what Gun Media had to say in its latest update:

While Gun’s message is likely only going to frustrate console players further, the developer needed to speak before speculation ran rampant. The PC patch is out, so it was expected that the PS4 and Xbox One versions wouldn’t be that far behind, but that is apparently not the case.

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What we do know is that Gun is working with both Sony and Microsoft to improve matchmaking, which may be why the patch is not released. Perhaps the devs need the console manufacturer’s help to better understand what is causing the matchmaking problems in Friday the 13th and how best to fix them.

Unfortunately now it’s a waiting game for console players, or at least those who want to stick with Friday the 13th and see it through. Not everyone has been as patient – just a quick look at the game’s subreddit will show there is a lot of frustration brewing among the community – but those that have may soon be rewarded.

Friday the 13th The Game is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.