Although the daily news updates have from Friday the 13th developer Gun Media have stopped, the studio wants fans to know that it is actively working on improving the game. Just this week, for example, Gun outlined a new policy that would send out permanent bans to any players caught glitching, exploiting, teaming, or otherwise ruining the experience for others.

But while glitches and exploits have been a problem for Friday the 13th recently, there are still plenty of issues to address with the core game as well, and Gun has not forgotten about those. In a recent tweet, the developer promised fans that the patch is still the top priority when it comes to the game, despite the increased focus on banning cheaters and exploiters.

There’s little doubt that a patch should be priority for the Friday the 13th devs, since so much of the game is still not what one would call polished. Yes, bugs and glitches can make for funny stories, but eventually the game needs to eliminate the problems that hurt the player experience, of which there are quite a few.

Some areas that we think the game can improve include:

  • Matchmaking doesn’t work as well as it could.
  • Host migration so matches don’t end when the host leaves.
  • An option to report players for bannable offenses.
  • Reduced latency to improve gameplay.

With these changes in place, it’s likely that Friday the 13th would be in a place where Gun could accurately look at the experience, and then make the all-important balance changes. It’s hard to look at Jason, for example, and see if any of the skins need balancing since latency is still a problem. Most Jason skins can simply grab players at long range and it’s near impossible to break free without a pocketknife or the help of a counselor.

friday the 13th phone

On the flip side, Gun can also look at the counselors and their escape routes to see if any changes need to be made there. As it stands, counselors are seemingly balanced, but there are areas that they could be improved.

For example, many of the perks available to counselors are useless since Jason is so overpowered. He should be strong, but there should also be different perks and loadouts that suit different situations, and there aren’t really.

The good news is that Gun Media has not forgotten about players and the patch, but the bad news is we still have no idea when it might release. When the Retro Jason skin launched there were a few changes introduced, but there are plenty of areas that also need attention.

Friday the 13th The Game is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.