There’s a new Jason lumbering his way to Friday the 13th: The Game and he’s bringing along a deadly new weapon.

Part 4 Jason is ripped straight from the forth chapter in the movie franchise. Note that this is an entirely new Jason and not a skin. This means he will be joining Friday the 13th with his own perks and, in this case, a new weapon called the Pig Splitter, which is basically a long-handled butcher knife. That should help close the gap between Jason and his fleeing prey.


This information comes from the Slash ‘N Cast YouTube channel, where the creator reveals the weapon’s name and origins. The weapon comes from a short scene from the forth movie where one victim gets a very good look at the the Pig Splitter shortly after having their hand pinned to a counter with a cork screw.

By now it’s common knowledge that Part 4 Jason is coming to the game, thanks to a short teaser trailer released by Gun Media a couple days ago. The video is purely visual and doesn’t elaborate on what this new Jason is bringing to the table, but it does show off some of the upcoming weather effects that will add an extra layer of ambiance for players. It also teases a new map that will include the Jarvis House from the forth movie.

Until that new content is released, players can look forward to the Spring Break DLC that should be somewhat close to release since Spring Break is long behind us. The DLC will add various swim suits and vacation themed attire. Unfortunately, it’s reliant on the launch of the game’s Clothing Update, that looks to add customization options for player characters. That bit of content has no release date either at this time.

In other news, Friday the 13th: The Game has recently managed to snag itself a Guinness World Record. Due to its success in gaining support through Kickstarter, the game has earned the title of most crowdfunded video game based on a movie. It’s hard to imagine the developers were striving for such an achievement, but they’re likely happy to receive it anyways.

Friday the 13th: The Game is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.