10 Best Friday the 13th The Game Memes

friday the 13th game memes

Friday the 13th: The Game has been kicking up something of a storm, with a huge number of players flocking to the game in spite of its early troubles. Indeed, with 1.8 million copies sold at last count, it's fair to say that this asymmetrical horror title has gained itself a rather strong following.

With that many players, of course, a game such as Friday the 13th is bound to pick up plenty of in-jokes along the way, as gamers get accustomed to the various different aspects of the gameplay. Taking that into account, here's Game Rant's picks of the best Friday the 13th memes, complete with a few originals for your enjoyment.

10 It's Dangerous to Go Alone

For starters, here's a look at what could have been if Nintendo had been able to get hold of the Friday the 13th license back in the NES era. At the very least, it would have stopped that 1989 LJN release from ever occuring.

9 Dead Tired of Waiting

It's not all fun and games in Friday the 13th, though, and those wanting to let off a bit of steam by playing as Jason might have a wait on their hands when logging on. All we want to do is check out that retro Jason skin, but instead we're stuck as a counselor.

8 That Familiar Stabbing Pain

That said, it's not always the best playing as the killer. After all, we've all experienced this particular piece of bad luck.

7 Unlikely Home Runs

What's more, some of the camp counselors even have a habit for surprising the nearly unkillable Jason Voorhees. Here's one such example of Chad pulling off the swing of a lifetime.

6 A Face Only Mrs Voorhees Could Love

What makes that all the more painful is that Chad is hardly the most brave of people. That said, if we were faced with scenes similar to Friday the 13th, we'd probably have a pretty similar response.

chad friday the 13th meme

5 Revived for What?

Then again, looks can certainly be deceiving. One glance at Tommy Jarvis and fellow would-be survivors would be forgiven for feeling a little more confident of their chances. However, before too long the idea of Tommy Jarvis as an infallible savior starts losing ground, after seeing resurrected players squander their chance at redemption.

tommy jarvis friday the 13th meme

4 Poor Tommy

It's not always the player's fault that Tommy Jarvis isn't able to take on Jason mano a mano, though. Sometimes, it's just the luck of the draw.

3 Sounds Scary

One of the best things about Friday the 13th: The Game is the way it matches the feel of the original films, with Illfonic and Gun Media promising more characters and maps on the way. A big part of that is the soundtrack, with the game matching the iconic score of the early films near-perfectly. Gun Media might claim that the soundtrack goes, "Ki Ki Ki, Ma Ma Ma," but everyone has their own version.

friday the 13th ch ch ch meme

2 All's Fair in Love and War

When everything's said and done, though, plenty of counselors are likely to end up kicking the bucket, and survival certainly feels like a victory when you reach it. That's not always the case for Jason's victims, although there's always positives to be found.

friday the 13th love story meme

1 Looking Forward to the Weekend

Finally, it's always good to remember the most important part of Friday the 13th - the date. After all, the movie series would never have gotten off the ground with a name such as Wednesday the 24th, and without that this asymmetrical horror game would never have existed. To honor that, here's a little something to make sure you know that it's Friday...the 13th.

Friday the 13th: The Game is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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