While plenty of players are still trying to get into consistent matches of Friday the 13th and survive the matchmaking problems, others are starting to slowly understand the nuances of the game. Where items tend to spawn, where escape routes are located, and even all of the steps to kill Jason have now become common talking points among active players.

One Friday the 13th player, who goes by the moniker Geekboxing on Reddit, has created maps for each of the three levels in the game that highlight all of the possible spawns. So, for those players that are constantly looking for the phone box or the 4-seater car, these maps will certainly help.

friday the 13th packanack lodge

friday the 13th higgins haven map

friday the 13th camp crystal lake map

For any that are not familiar with the setup of Friday the 13th, there are 7 players controlling camp counselors and 1 player controlling Jason. The camp counselors need to collect items and repair specific escape options, which are located on the map. In total, there are 5 different ways to escape, which are:

  • Repair the car and drive off
  • Call the police and exit through the main road
  • Repair the boat and drive off
  • Kill Jason
  • Wait until the 20-minute timer runs out

Although the amount of spawns may vary from map to map, each one offers the same number of escape routes. Activating those escape routes, however, requires specific items, which are entirely random and can spawn in almost any location. So while players may know where the cars spawn, or where the phone box is, they still need to find the pieces necessary to make those escapes happen.

Where this map does come in handy is for letting players know where specifically the phone box can spawn once they have a fuse. Or where to look for the 4-seater car if they just found gas. Some of these items do appear on the map, but some do not.

We will admit that maps like these may diminish the experience of Friday the 13th, but as players become more seasoned with Jason getting to the right locations and getting out of the map will become even more important. Right now, a lot of the fun is messing around in each map and seeing what type of scenarios will play out, but eventually Jason’s will become focused on quick kills to earn XP fast and unlock more Jason skins.

At the same time, it’s possible that these maps might even become outdated if Friday the 13th expands its randomizer even further. That’s assuming developer Gun Media doesn’t do some balancing for Jason and the camp counselors, which in the midst of more pressing matters, like database login failures, is hard to predict.

Friday the 13th is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.