While escaping from Jason and performing gruesome kills offers plenty of fun in Friday the 13th, that’s not the only thing that keeps players entertained. Players of the gory horror title have also found the joy in discovering Friday the 13th Easter eggs, including the Pamela tapes.

The Pamela tapes are recordings of Jason Voorhees’ mother Pamela, as the unhinged parent talks to the police about her son and his drowning. The Friday the 13th game includes 20 of these tapes which spawn randomly on the map. But although the tapes are generally quite difficult to locate, the official Twitter account for the game recently told a fan that “there may be a trick to finding them.”

Unfortunately the tweet has since been deleted for some unknown reason, but Friday the 13th players have already begun to speculate on what the trick may be. One popular (but unproven) theory is that the trick the account is referring to is wearing Pamela’s sweater as a female counselor. The sweater already allows players to stun the player-controlled Jason but many believe that wearing it will somehow make the tapes easier to find. Some have pointed out that the reason why the sweater trick hasn’t been proven yet is because few players equip the sweater before they start looking for the tapes.

Friday the 13th Pamela tapes tweet

Another theory is that playing as Chad makes finding the Pamela tapes easier. In Friday the 13th‘s loading screens, Chad is described as a “momma’s boy” and given that the tapes reflect on the relationship between Jason’s mother and her child, there is a connection there. Chad’s 10 out of 10 Luck stat could also be a factor, but some players dispute the fact that the Luck stat has any impact on finding the tapes.

Finding out what the trick is could be fun for some, but others now say that they are at the end of their tether. On social media, fans have responded to the Friday the 13th tweet by saying that they are frustrated with the teasing. They argue that the fact that even high level players have not even figured out the quick way to locating all of the tapes is proof that the team behind the game needs to offer up some clues. Fans are already angry at developer IllFonic due to skin sales, and this is just adding to their anger.

With developer IllFonic also working to address Friday the 13th‘s team-killing problem as well as adding new content to the game, it’s unclear when or if it will address the complaints. In the meantime, players will just have to keep testing those theories until they have an answer.

Friday the 13th is out now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: reddit