'Friday the 13th' Arrives on Consoles October 2015

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It's been quite a few years since Jason Vorhees took to the big screen to terrify horror fans, but the hockey mask-wearing killer is poised to make a serious comeback in the near future. Talks of a 13th installment in the horror franchise have been swirling and a television series set at Camp Crystal Lake is already in the works. In addition to revitalizing the Friday the 13th franchise on the big and small screen, it appears that video game fans are in for some major scares, as well.

In an interview with EGM Now, Friday the 13th creator and director Sean S. Cunningham confirmed that Jason would be returning to video games for the first time since 1989 later this year. The tentatively titled Friday the 13th game will be an asymmetrical, co-op and competitive multiplayer predator/prey game. Prepare to be split up into a group of survivors where the first group works together against one player controlling the nearly immortal machete-wielding killer.

Cunningham went on to explain the timing for bringing Jason back to the world of video games again after such a long leave of absence:

"With a new television series on the horizon and plans announced for the thirteenth installment of the film franchise, we felt the timing was right to finally explore Jason, Camp Crystal Lake, and the rest of the Friday the 13th story in interactive form."

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The game's studio hasn't been announced yet, but Cunningham hinted that the property is in good hands and more information will arrive in the coming weeks. The director explained that the goal is to provide a gaming experience that will offer plenty of replay value, while delivering the trademark thrills and scares that have made the franchise so iconic.

It's a bit surprising to hear that the game will be more like Left 4 Dead or Evolve than a traditional survival horror game, but we're not complaining. Some of the most successful recent adaptations have arrived in unexpected genres (The Walking Dead and A Wolf Among Us) and managed to be serious game of the year contenders.

If the game really is multiple players against one, we'll be very interested to hear more details about how different the play experience is based on which side you end up on. A heavy focus on multiplayer seems like a good choice for the predator versus prey mechanic, but we hope the game also has a solo-able campaign, as well.

Are you excited to see Jason returning to the world of video games? What kind of mechanics do you hope exist in the new Friday the 13th game? Let us know in the comments.


Friday the 13th is aiming for an October 2015 release. A full list of platforms has not been confirmed yet.

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