Friday the 13th The Game: How to Beat Jason

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Although there have been a few asymmetric multiplayer games available previously, Gun Media’s Friday the 13th The Game is a slightly different breed. As Jason, players will need to eliminate as many counselors as they can, or as counselors they will need to escape.

But escaping in Friday the 13th is easier said than done, and for newcomers the various escape methods might not be so clear. To help players survive Jason and live to see another day, Game Rant has put together a guide showing How to Beat Jason in every way possible.

1. Call the Police

Calling the police is the best bet for surviving Jason, because it allows every camp counselor to escape. To call the police, the players need to find the fuse and the fuse box.

The fuse will be found in one of the drawers in one of the cabins on the map. It’s completely random each time, so keep searching and make sure to lock the cabins that have been completely searched. The good news is that the fuse stores in players’ inventory, so they can carry the fuse and a weapon.

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Once the fuse has been found, the team needs to find the fuse box, which is on the side of one of the cabins. If you get close enough you will see a box on the outside that is flashing red and an icon will appear above it. Keep in mind that some houses also have power boxes outside, but the phone box is different.

With the fuse installed, head inside the cabin and find the phone to call the police. This will then start a timer for the police, which is typically 5 minutes but can be shortened if the counselor that calls the police has a certain perk. Now it’s up to the counselors to survive for as long as they can, then make a break for the police.

The police will spawn on the main road at a certain spot. All you need to do is cross over the bridge and you will have escaped. What’s more if Jason gets near the police will stun him by shooting him, but it doesn’t always work as intended. Basically, if you can see the police lights and hear the sirens, run to freedom and don’t look back.

2. Escape by Car

It depends on the map, but each will have at least one, or sometimes two, cars for players to use to escape. These cars also spawn in the exact same location each time, so make a note of where they are. The blue car can seat up to four people, while the yellow car can only fit two. So if you see a teammate going for the yellow car first, know that they are planning to abandon some counselors.

To drive either of the cars, the players will need to collect three items: gas, a battery, and car keys. The gas and battery are the more challenging items, because they need to be carried to the car and force the player to drop any item (like a shotgun or flare gun) that they are holding.

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Once the battery or gas can have been brought to the car, the player will need to “repair” it via a brief quicktime event. The better the stats on the camp counselor the faster the process will go.

With the car repaired, the last items needed are the car keys. These are randomly hidden in one of the drawers, and there are usually at least two sets on the map. Finding the car keys is important for the player because it guarantees he/she gets the chance to escape. For everyone else it’s a random button mash fest to try and get a seat in the car, but the person with the car keys gets to drive.

Driving is a big responsibility because it usually means avoiding Jason at some point. To escape, the car needs to cross out of the map via the big main road, but it doesn’t matter which route you take. If Jason is in the way, though, don’t try to ram him; doing so smashes the car and requires a restart. The best course of action if Jason is blocking the car’s path is to get out and try and stun him, then drive away.

3. Escape by Boat

The boat is very similar to the car in that it requires parts to repair, but the process isn’t as involved. It’s also a two-seater, so using the boat is not the best form of escape.

To repair the boat, players will need the gas can and the propeller (found in drawers). Put those pieces together and then take off.

It's much easier to avoid Jason on the water, but he can also move extremely fast under water. Head right for the escape route, which is the pathway with the red flashing buoys.

4. Survive

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Perhaps the hardest survival option is to wait out the game timer, which is 20 minutes long. If Jason doesn’t find you when time runs out, you survive, but the only trick is that you can’t see the timer. The game notifies the players when 2 minutes are left, but that’s about it.

However, if there are a limited number of players left, and calling the police is not an option, then waiting things out is typically the best course of action. To make things easier, we’d recommend grabbing as many stunning items as possible (pocket knives, flare guns, shotguns, weapons) and keeping them nearby. The longer you can keep Jason occupied, the more time wasted.

5. Kill Jason

Killing Jason should be the team’s last resort, unless they feel really confident. As we detailed in our How to Kill Jason guide, there are a lot of steps for taking out the mask-wearing killer and even the smallest thing can wrong. Still, if the team pulls it off then they deserve major credit.

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At a cursory glance it may seem like accomplishing these tasks would be easy, but they are anything but. Jason will always be around, and there are so many things that can go wrong – like having a player escape with the fuse or the other set of keys. Chances are a lot of counselors are going to die in gruesome fashion, but if you are lucky you might survive.

Friday the 13th is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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