Friday the 13th: The Game launched in May 2017, and since then developer Illfonic has supplied a stream of updates to fix bugs and introduce new content. Now, the studio has released a new video detailing what players can expect to be added to the game going forward.

Chuck Brungardt, the CEO of Illfonic, supplies some rather candid comments about the studio’s experience working on Friday the 13th: The Game. “Probably everything that could have went wrong, went wrong,” he says of the game’s troubled launch. “We just didn’t plan for so many people.”

Brungardt notes that Illfonic has stepped up its QA program considerably, bringing in an internal team to complement its external testing staff. This means that the studio can comfortably engage in at least 16 hours of testing everyday, which should help cut down on bugs and other technical issues.

We also hear from Illfonic’s creative manager, David Langeliers, who discusses some of the smaller maps coming to the game. These are based on stages that are already included, but with a size reduction of about 40 percent to make sure that players can find one another, making rounds faster and more intense.

Langeliers also reveals that the team is working on a brand new game mode, although he falls short of providing any substantial details. He does confirm that car customization options are in the works, which will add to the players’ ability to personalize their experience offered by the recent clothing update. An emote system is apparently coming to the game, too.

The video ends with some more vague hints at new content that’s set to arrive over the coming months. We’ll apparently see new versions of Jason, new maps, and new kills — some of which the video offers a brief preview of, via footage taken from a recent motion capture session.

Illfonic is working hard to ensure that Friday the 13th: The Game remains a compelling experience for players. With its core multiplayer gameplay in place, it seems that the studio’s strategy will be to continue dropping new content to keep the community engaged.

Friday the 13th: The Game is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.