Friday the 13th Game Players Report Even More Server Issues

Despite some hard work on the part of developer Gun Media, Friday the 13th The Game continues to have server trouble, now three days after launch. In some cases some players’ experiences with the game have worsened, as they are not able to access the servers when they previously could.

While the most prominent issue with Friday the 13th The Game is long wait times for matchmaking, the latest problem is a database login failure error. Essentially this prevents players from even logging into the game, and renders the app useless.

Official word from the developers is that the team is working around the clock to fix any and all issues, and to be patient. They also haven’t made any official announcement, but it appears that any experience earned during matches is not being added to players. That could be part of the server problems, but for us the issue wasn’t there on Friday but was on Saturday.

So even if a player can get past the database login failure and into a game, any of the progress made will be useless. That’s a huge disappointment since leveling up is key to unlocking new Jason skins and perks to make the camp counselors more viable.

The good news for Gun Media is that enough players want to play Friday the 13th that the servers can’t handle them all. Too much demand is a better problem to have than not enough demand.

Friday the 13th Game Debuts Extended Gameplay Footage - Friday the 13th: The Game execution concept art

At the same time, games like this live and die by their initial showing, and Friday the 13th’s has been anything but favorable. Long queue times, weird bugs, now struggles just to log into the game are flaws that are hard to overlook, especially for a game that is multiplayer focused.

Right now there are several solutions for players that want a consistent experience. The most obvious is simply to continue to try to log into the game and hope that things eventually work. For this writer, it took a hard reset of the PS4 console to get things going, but even then there were still some issues.

A better solution is to use an LFG site or the LFG feature built into the Xbox One to find a group to play a private match with. It’s not an ideal situation, but if you’re desperate to get into a game it does guarantee that. In fact, you’ll find there are a lot of players out their using the LFG tool.

Gun Media does say it is working around the clock to try to get Friday the 13th The Game into a stable situation where the servers work consistently. Hopefully that happens before the holiday weekend is over, because it would a shame for players to miss out on their chance to try and kill Jason as soon as possible.

Friday the 13th The Game is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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