Friday The 13th: 10 Biggest Fixes The Game Still Needs

Friday the 13th is one of those games that's both fun and frustrating. The game itself allows a few players dropped into a map, with one randomly chosen to play Jason from the movie franchise and everyone else assigned as counselors. The goal of the counselors is to survive — the goal of Jason is to kill them. Seems simple, right?

It is. It's a simple game, which is most of its charm. Recently, it was announced that a lawsuit is preventing any future DLC for the game, and the developers have turned to other projects. They have promised updates and fixes for the game though, since the bugs are still a-plenty and we still need improvements.

With that said, we'd love the devs to take a look at these things that definitely need fixed.

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10 The Map Glitches

It seems with every patch or update, there's a new map glitch. It allows the players to go somewhere Jason simply can't reach and hang out there for the rest of the game. For example, Crystal Lake once had a glitch where the player could stand on the overturned boat near the lake and Jason would never be able to get them. Carry a health spray to heal those throwing knives, and the player could survive the whole match on that alone.

You'd think people would be good sports and not use those glitches, but alas. Gamers. 

9 Teaming Needs To Be Dealt With

Teaming is the term used for when counselors team up with Jason, leading him to the other players to kill them and often helping him out by unlocking doors for him, getting rid of weapons, hoarding escape items, etc. It's a very unfair method of playing and although Gun Media have advised they will ban people teaming, they don't seem to do much about the reports.

Granted, sometimes it's not obvious. Sometimes someone might look like they're teaming and they aren't, and a ban would be unfair. But often, you'd have to be blind to miss it and in this case, Gun should follow through.

8 Movement Glitches

Often with each patch, there are movement glitches. Getting out of a car and running away, sometimes the character will float in a sitting position. In a more recent one, when poised in combat mode, the character will float around rather than walk. They don't hinder much gameplay, but it's a super annoying graphic glitch.

7 The Glitch When Killing Jason

To kill Jason, it's a very convoluted process, but it ends with Tommy coming towards him and bringing an axe or machete down on his head. You'll have to press 'X' to do this when prompted, or 'E' on PC, but often this is pressed and nothing happens. It's particularly frustrating because Jason can then stand up and you only get one chance per match, so everyone is about to die and all of those potential exp. points are lost. This glitch disappears and resurfaces, and needs dealt with once and for all.

6 The Tapes

It would be nice if it was impossible to double up on tapes. Since they're so rare, coming across one is like finding gold, but when you out you already have that tape — gah! Maybe they should make it that when a player picks up a tape, it will automatically be one that they don't have.

Granted, this might make the tapes too easy to get, but it's worth a shot.

5 Somewhere To Go After Level 150

When you cap out at level 150, you're pretty much done playing — there's nowhere else to go and it means that those experience points lost from killing other players, etc., don't matter. You're free to do what you want this means that you can team up, kill others, etc., without consequence.

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Maybe it's time for Friday to raise the max level. Even better would be if they introduced levels per characters like Dead by Daylight rather than per player. You could start all over again whenever you wanted.

4 Single Player Mode Bots

There's a single player mode for those who don't like to be sociable, or are struggling to find a match. You can play as Jason against the counselors who will be bots and choose easy mode, normal, or hard.

The issue is, even hard mode is easy. Sometimes the counselors will run straight into walls and try to keep running. Sometimes they'll hide in plain sight. They really need to introduce an ultra hard mode to make this at all playable, otherwise the match is over in three minutes.

3 More Challenges

The other single player mode introduced was challenges. While this was fun for a while, most people have completed the challenges by now because only a few were introduced. We want more. The problem is, this may fall under 'new content', which Gun aren't allowed to do. Luckily, they're working on a new game!

2 Items Respawning At The Edge Of The Map

Often, people will escape with something essential, like the car keys. Whether they forgot or are just being mean... varies. It used to be that the item would be gone for good, but now it respawns on the edge of the map which is only slightly better. The edge of the map is often a long way from anything.

Instead, Gun should have the item respawn in the place it was first taken. At least it's usually in a house, which is a more populated area.

1 Choosing Who Can Return As Tommy

When more than two people are dead or have escaped, one will randomly be chosen to respawn as Tommy Jarvis to help the other players. The issue is, sometimes a player leaves the room to get a snack, drink, or have a bathroom break once they're dead so Tommy is often standing uselessly on the edge of the map while people die. It'd be a better idea to give people the ability to pass on or accept coming back as him, so the players get all the help they can. It's way more fair.

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