One Friday the 13th: The Game beta tester uncovers an unexpected way to kill a camp counselor that doesn’t involve Jason and leads to some glitch-filled hilarity.

While much of the early talk around Friday the 13th focused on key concepts and themes that the developers want to explore, this week gamers finally got their first meaningful look at the game thanks to a closed beta test. Admittedly, developer Gun Media kept the beta pool small, but thanks to Twitch and other streaming/video services, those who aren’t in the beta can still see what the game offers.

Based on those streams and lengthy gameplay footage, gamers now know that Friday the 13th is a lot less serious in tone than some of its asymmetric multiplayer competitors. While games like Dead by Daylight keep the tension high throughout, Friday the 13th actually has some moments of levity, as the camp counselors struggle to escape Jason Voorhees.

In addition to finding different ways to escape, Friday the 13th beta testers have been trying to find some creative ways to mess with Jason, or even kill him. As of right now, no one has found out how exactly to kill Jason, or if he can be killed in the beta, but players are trying everything.

Other players, however, are finding some unexpected ways to dispose of counselors – both intentional and unexpected. One player, for example, found that it’s possible to kill a camp counselor without Jason at all. Check out the clip below, but keep the VOLUME LOW:

It isn’t entirely clear what causes the death, but it appears that the player collides with a bear trap and shattered pieces of the door. Then things start to get a little glitch-y, as the player character’s corpse whips around the map.

Prior to the glitch, the scene plays out like something you would actually see in a Friday the 13th movie: hapless camp counselor is frazzled by the presence of Jason, she tries to get away, and slips and ends up impaling herself. It’s that type of tongue-in-cheek humor that helped Friday the 13th stand out from other horror films like Halloween, and it’s presumably how the game will set itself apart.

Make no mistake, though, Friday the 13th is still filled with brutal Jason kills and looks to be pretty intense whenever he is around. But in a game where Jason is supposed to be overpowered and he is supposed to catch some of his prey, there are bound to be a few funny and unexpected moments as players try to survive.

Friday the 13th is set to release in 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.