Although Friday the 13th: The Game was one of the most anticipated horror games of 2017, the title’s full release has proved troublesome for players. Alongside the numerous server and connection problems, another issue for many users has been the actions of other players in the game, which has impacted on the exciting asymmetrical multiplayer experience. Now, developer Gun Media has released a list of actions that will get players banned.

Taking to Reddit to issue the list, the Friday the 13th: The Game publisher broke down in quite succinct terms exactly what would not be tolerated from players of the game. Below is the full list of punishable actions:

  1. Deliberate Third-Party Hacking Software – Anyone caught with automation/speed/wall hacking and other third party macro systems to give them an edge in-game will result in a ban
  2. Threats of Violence/Rape/Sexual Assault – Those using Voice Chat to threaten and harass other users with threats of sexual violence, rape and domestic violence to a degree unsuitable for social standards will result in a ban.
  3. Racism/Discrimination – Those caught being racist or discriminatory to others will result in a ban.
  4. Deliberately Helping Jason – This one is trickier; we will ban the Jason player and those helping Jason for deliberately ‘helping’ Jason win a match through killing other teammates or working to farm XP.
  5. Deliberate Abuse of Exploits – Exploit usage that results in the deliberate griefing of others to gain an advantage and overall reduce enjoyment for other players will result in a ban.
  6. Do Not Pretend to be an Employee of Gun Media or IllFonic – Anyone utilizing usernames that attempt to act as a member of our team or speaks in-game as an employee of our team will result in a ban.
  7. Do Not Spam Report Those You Do Not Like – Reporting users needs to be constructive; we do not ban for team-killing. Please only report those you are certain of cheating or exploiting. We will eventually ignore requests from those excessively reporting other users for actions that do not fall within these guidelines.


In order to help find those who break the rules, however, Gun Media has requested that users take video with usernames displayed, in order to verify the claims of committing a punishable action. Then, this can be emailed to Gun Media to then look at the evidence and decide on whether a ban should be implemented. The developer has also stated that it has received 1,200 reports so far, with the vast majority coming down to glitch abuse.

Those found guilty of breaking one of the rules listed above are going to face very strict punishments – at least for now. Gun Media has stated that Friday the 13th cheaters will be permanently banned, meaning that players should definitely read over that list above. After all, although many of the rules are pretty obvious, such as those against using third-party hacking software and abusing other players with threats or racism, it’s always better to be on sure footing with what’s acceptable.

What do you make of the rules above? Do you think Gun Media has the right priorities when it comes to these bans? Let us know in the comments.

Friday the 13th: The Game is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit