FreeStyle Games New Project

When Activision decided to pull the plug on its two most prolific rhythm game series (Guitar Hero and DJ Hero) back in February, the future of developers Neversoft and FreeStyle Games was left in question. Not to be knocked out of the game so easily, FreeStyle Games has been pumping out DJ Hero DLC content for the past few months, allowing a trickling of content for the diehard fans that want to keep their turntables spinning.

Fast-forward to today, and the UK-based developer is now looking towards bigger and better things. Narrowly escaping the headsman’s axe, FreeStyle Games told Eurogamer that they have something big in store for the future, and creative director Jamie Jackson wanted to make clear that both FreeStyle and Activision were on board.

“Over the past three months we have examined a number of options for our studio’s future with Activision…”Today we are excited to share with our fans and community the news that we will continue our strong partnership with Activision, with work starting on a new, innovative project.”

Unfortunately he was unable to say anything about what the project is or even when they would be able to speak about it, yet with E3 just next week, there could be a good chance that they might tease fans with something to get those creative juices flowing.

However, FreeStyle Games didn’t walk away completely unscathed, as design director David Osbourn confirmed that around 35 staff members were let go from the ranks.

“We envisage that approximately 35 roles will be impacted and are consulting with the studio to offer tools and resources, including outplacement counselling services and career fairs etc to those employees affected…Although we will be really sorry to lose members of the Freestyle Games family we have no doubt that their talents will be in high demand throughout the industry.”

We’ve seen what FreeStyle Games can do with DJ Hero, and while it was unfortunate what happened to them at the beginning of the year, their tenacity to hold on and fight through means that they have more tricks up their sleeves than just a spinning disc with buttons. What do you think they have in the wings? Could it be another rhythm game, or something entirely different? Give us your thoughts and ideas.

Source: Eurogamer