Nintendo Giving Away Past Starter 'Pokemon' For Free

Nintendo Offers Free Starter Pokemon

Becoming a Pokemon master used to be an entirely attainable task thanks to the presence of only 150 pocket monsters and one elusive legendary creature. As the generations have come and gone, however, each one has left players with a larger burden to bear. With the grand total reaching up to 721, what's a Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire owner to do about their dreams of catching them all?

In a move that is sure to please owners of the latest generation of Pokemon, Nintendo is making it just a little bit easier for fans to fill out their growing collections. Arguably standing as some of the series' most elusive little scamps, Nintendo has slowly been making the starter Pokemon of past generations available to gamers through various avenues. At present, the final evolutions of the fifth generation's starters are available for anyone with an internet connection and Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire.

Making use of the Mystery Gift feature in the main menu, players simply need to input three codes and speak to the Mystery Gift attendant that shows up at their nearest Pokemon Center in order to acquire these powerhouses. Corresponding to their National Pokedex numbers, POKEMON497 will yield Serperior, POKEMON500 will summon forth Emboar and POKEMON503 will provide access to Samurott.

Not only do players gain access to all three of these strong party additions, but they also each come equipped with special hidden abilities that help set them apart from the legions of other pocket monsters. For anyone looking to add these Pokemon to their collections, the codes will remain active until November 30, 2015. While the window of opportunity may be large, it might be best to capitalize on Nintendo's benevolence before forgetfulness settles in.

Nintendo Offers Free Starter Pokemon Generation Two

As if those starter beasts weren't enough, Nintendo will soon be unleashing the power of Pokemon's second generation starters on Pokemon Bank users. Anyone who accesses their Pokemon Bank between February 27 and November 30, 2015 will gain access to Meganium, Typhlosion and Feraligatr complete with their own hidden abilities. While Pokemon fans continue to wait for an announcement of how to acquire the mysterious Hoopa, this is arguably the next best thing.

Putting aside the series' portable outings, its hard to deny its constant state of momentum. With three more familiar faces showing up in Pokken Tournament and the potential of Pokemon getting its own spin-off similar to Hyrule Warriors, there seems to be a never-ending supply of Pikachu-filled content en route. Whether you believe the crazy theories or not, the Pokemon series is likely to remain in the spotlight for a long while.

Will you be picking up these two batches of past-generational starter Pokemon? Which generation of starters was your favourite?

Source: Nintendo (via Game Informer)

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