Sony Offering Free PS4s Before Release Through Taco Bell Promotion

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About a month ago, we discovered Pepsi would be running a promotion in conjunction with Microsoft that would offer an Xbox One console every two minutes for several months. At the time, the contest was more of an eye-catcher because it pointed towards the Xbox One’s release date, but now it is building steam with its promise of a never ending stream of Xbox Ones.

Not to be outdone, Sony has just unveiled a partnership with Taco Bell that promises a shiny new PS4 console every 15 minutes. This particular contest will last from September 26th until November 10th – 5 days before the PS4 officially goes on sale.

While not as ambitious as Microsoft‘s contest, which promised a winner every two minutes for several months, this Taco Bell promotion is still something gamers will want to pay attention to. Winning is fairly simple: all one needs to do is purchase a Big Box or a $5 Buck Box and enter the code included with the meal.

Those who end up with the right code will net themselves a PS4 prize pack that includes a PlayStation 4 console, a 1-year membership to PlayStation Plus, and a copy of the Sony exclusive game Knack. And, since the winner will be a PS Plus member, they will also have access to DriveClub, which is free for every member.

PS4 Taco Bell Contest

Sony promises that a winner should be crowned about once every 15 minutes, but we are unsure of the actual odds. But, for those gamers who aren’t ready to pull the trigger on the $399 PS4 console, or who simply don’t have the funds right now, a couple $5 purchases here and there can’t hurt. Well, if you consume that much Taco Bell there might be some pain involved, but that’s a small price to pay for a brand new PS4.

Moreover, the contest supposedly offers a PS4 before it’s released, but we’re unsure if that means the person wins the console or actually receives the console before it hits store shelves. If it’s the former then winners should prepare for a lot of jealousy headed their way. The fine print does say that those who win close to the end of the promotion might not get their PS4 by launch, so presumably Sony has set aside some units specifically for this contest.

Additionally, if Sony is willing to promise PS4 consoles to early winners, does that mean the PS4 won’t be as hard to find at launch as some think it might be? Most gamers are likely preparing for long line-ups come the night of November the 14th, but maybe their odds of coming home with a new console are better than they think.

How important is it that you snag a PS4 at launch? Will you try and win yourself a PS4 through this Taco Bell contest?

The PlayStation 4 releases November 15, 2013.

Source: Taco Bell