Free PlayStation 4 PS Plus Games for January 2016

PS Plus Free PS4 Games for January 2016

Sony reveals the first two PlayStation 4 games that will be free this month for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Grim Fandango Remastered and Hardware Rivals will become free for a month to kick off the new year.

Sony has started to reveal its PlayStation Plus lineup, and the first two selected titles should make subscribers happy. Between the remastering of an iconic award-winning adventure title and a chaotic vehicle-based multiplayer game, 2016 looks like it will kick off to a solid start for the subscription-based platform.

Sony hasn't released the entire PS Plus free games lineup as of yet, so those waiting to hear news of the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita titles will have to hold on a little longer. The PlayStation 4 users out there, however, can take a look at the image above to see Sony's first offerings of 2016. It's supposed to be a big year for Sony's console, and hopefully that means for PlayStation Plus as well.

The first title to go free in January will be Grim Fandango Remastered, an absolute classic based in the Land of the Dead. Like the 1998 original, the remake received plenty of praise, and any PlayStation 4 users who haven't checked out the title should absolutely pick it up. Grim Fandango is an adventure game which combines many noir aspects with an Aztec-inspired afterlife. It features plenty of challenging puzzles, a fantastic plot, and memorable characters. It's one of the top noir games of all time, and a real catch for PS Plus subscribers. A free Grim Fandango theme is also reportedly included in the January content.

Grim Fandango Remastered Office Screenshot

The second title is Hardware Rivals, a cartoony vehicle-on-vehicle multiplayer combat game which looks like it combines elements of classics like Vigilante 8 and Twisted Metal. It may not have the star power that the other PS4 title brings to the table, but it might turn out to be a fun game to play against a few friends. Rocket League was a relative unknown when it was featured as a free title on PS Plus back in July, so there's always potential for a multiplayer game to really take off on the PS Plus platform.

The PlayStation Plus games for January will become available when the store refreshes itself for the new month on Tuesday, January 5th, 2016. This means players have just less than a week if they still wish to partake in the free games for December, which also featured a fresh take on an iconic franchise - in this case, King's Quest.

What do you think about the two PS4 titles that were selected by Sony as their free titles for January, Ranters?

Source: GameSpot

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