Free PlayStation Plus Games for October 2015 Revealed

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For PlayStation owners, having a PlayStation Plus subscription seems like a no-brainer. The subscription basically pays for itself, thanks to Sony releasing a multitude of free games each month across the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and the PlayStation 4. And while a lot of the games are forgettable, every once in a while there will be a real treat in store, such as Rocket League a couplemonths back.

While there’s nothing quite on the level of Rocket League included in the free PS Plus titles for October, there’s still a few high quality games that PS Plus subscribers can look forward to starting next week.

PlayStation 4 owners have three games to look forward to when the PlayStation Store updates on Tuesday, October 6th. They are all indie offerings, which has been the usual case with PS Plus for a while now, but they’re all of quality as well. First off, there’s Broken Age, the old school point-and-click adventure game from Double Fine that helped popularize the video game development Kickstarter phenomenon. We loved Broken Age, and it’s definitely a major highlight for PlayStation Plus in October.

Super Meat Boy Level Editor On Steam

Joining Broken Age on the PlayStation 4 is one of the best platformers in recent memory, the incredibly difficult and fun Super Meat Boy. This marks the first time that the game will be available on a PlayStation platform, so it’s definitely a nice treat for those that haven’t had a chance to play it on Xbox or PC. In the meantime, the final free PS Plus game for the PS4 in October is a lesser known indie puzzle game called Unmechanical: Extended.

PS3 owners have their own set of three games to download come October 6th. As is the case with the PS4, they’re all indie titles, in the form of ChariotKickBeat, and Kung Fu Rabbit.

PlayStation Vita owners come out the best in October. There are no PS Plus games that will be exclusive to the Vita, but cross-buy functionality guarantees Vita owners four free games, two from the PS4’s offerings and two from the PS3’s lineup. Once the PS Store updates, Vita owners can download the excellent games Broken Age and Super Meat Boy for free, as well as KickBeat and Kung Fu Rabbit.

Driveclub PS Plus Server

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news for PS Plus subscribers, as DriveClub: PS Plus Edition is being pulled with Tuesday’s update. This long promised free game took forever to actually hit the PS Plus Instant Game Collection, and now it’s leaving quicker than it actually appeared.

Another bummer for PS Plus Subscribers is that Sony decided to forgo the new Vote to Play program for October. This feature debuted last month, with players voting Grow Home as the free PS Plus game for September. Sony noted when they announced the feature that they wouldn’t be doing it every month, but it’s still strange that they wouldn’t at least do it for a few months in a row.

Despite the lack of Vote to Play and DriveClub leaving the service already, October’s PlayStation Plus free games are solid, though the lack of any AAA games will likely be seen as somewhat disappointing. The big hitters are obviously Broken Age and Super Meat Boy, both of which have been critically acclaimed and largely adored by the gaming public, but even so, there are some that are getting tired of the constant stream of indie games on the service. Most would agree that Sony will need to start bringing some AAA games to the table like or else they risk losing subscribers that aren’t interested in smaller indie titles, especially if they raise the PS Plus subscription price like they did in Europe.

Which free PS Plus games will you be downloading in October?

The latest batch of free PlayStation Plus games will be available to download on Tuesday, October 6th after the PlayStation Store update.

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