Fans Aren't Happy About the Free PS Plus Games for May 2019

fans aren't happy about free ps plus games for may 2019

Yesterday, Sony announced the free PS Plus games for May 2019, giving PlayStation 4 owners the chance to add two more titles to their digital game collection. While fans won't be pleased by every PS Plus offering, the reaction to the free PS Plus games for May 2019 has been especially negative. At the time of this writing, the trailer announcing the free PS Plus games for May 2019 is sitting at over 13,000 dislikes and just 4,000 likes, and the comment section is rife with complaints.

The two free PS Plus games for May 2019 are the first Overcooked and the story-driven game What Remains of Edith FinchOvercooked is a well-received, quirky co-op game, whereas What Remains of Edith Finch has been critically-acclaimed, and in fact won the award for Best Narrative at The Game Awards 2017.

Despite these two games being critical darlings, it seems as though there are many PS Plus subscribers who aren't happy with the lineup of free games for May 2019. "I don't even have a [subscription] and I'm disappointed," one user said. Another user said, "So I guess next month is solitaire and minesweeper." In other comments, some people call for Sony to offer a cheaper version of PS Plus for just online multiplayer and no free games because they're so disappointed with the free games for May 2019.

It seems that there are two reasons why PS Plus subscribers aren't impressed by the free PS4 games for May 2019. One reason is that they're getting the first Overcooked instead of the more-recent Overcooked 2. Since Overcooked came out back in 2016, it stands to reason that many PS4 owners interested in the game have already picked it up and played through it.

The other reason is that that there are only two free games for May 2019. That's because Sony has stopped releasing free PS Plus games for PS3 and PS Vita, meaning that PS Plus subscribers only get two free games per month versus the six or so that they would usually receive. And when compared to the free Games with Gold's four games per month on Xbox One, it's understandable why some PS Plus subscribers may feel a little cheated.

But while some PS Plus subscribers aren't happy with the free PS Plus games for May 2019, we must reiterate that the games on offer are actually quite good. Perhaps those disappointed by the lineup who have yet to play these games should give them a chance once they're added to the free PS Plus lineup on May 7 before getting too upset.

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