Sony announces the free PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection games for April 2016, which includes the likes of Zombi, Dead Star, I Am Alive, and more!

With April 1st just a couple of days away, Sony has finally revealed the free PlayStation Plus games for April 2016. Beginning Tuesday, April 5th, PS Plus subscribers can expect the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita to each receive two games that will be available for free download.

It appears as though PlayStation 4 owners are getting the best deal in April when it comes to the PS Plus free games lineup. As was previously confirmed, Dead Star will be a free PS Plus game in April. A top-down space shooter with procedurally generated environments, Dead Star will be making its debut as a free game. It marks the first original title from Armature Studios, and could set the tone for the company’s other future products, such as the upcoming Xbox One exclusive ReCore.

PlayStation 4 owners will also be able to download Zombi, the ZombiU PS4 port, once the new free games are made available to download next week. Zombi released to even less favorable reviews than its ZombiU predecessor, but survival-horror fans may still find something to like about the game.

As stated previously, PS3 owners also have two free games to look forward to downloading come April. The first is I Am Alive, a unique survival game that released to mixed reviews in 2012. Joining I Am Alive on PlayStation 3 is a tower defense game called Savage Moon that has remained rather obscure since it launched over seven years ago.

And finally, PlayStation Vita owners can get their hands on two free games in April as well. One of the games is A Virus Named TOM, which is an indie puzzle game from a studio called Misfits Attic. Additionally, PS Vita owners can download Shutshimi, which is a strange shoot ’em up game about an amnesiac, muscle-bound fish. Compared to the other free games that will be available in April, Shutshimi probably has the most positive critical reception out of the lot.

Gamers have until April 4th to download March 2016’s free PlayStation Plus games, so be sure to do that before those titles are no longer free. March’s lineup included the likes of Broforce and Galak-Z, so it was a decent offering of games overall, and it would be a shame for subscribers to miss out on the opportunity to download the games while they’re still free.

What do you think of the April 2016’s free PS Plus games lineup? Get at us in the comments below and let us know your thoughts on April’s free games.

Source: PlayStation.Blog