Free Naughty Bear DLC on the Way

Naughty Bear

Developer Artificial Mind and Movement and Publisher 505 Games have released a new piece of DLC for their brutal teddy bear on teddy bear game, Naughty Bear.

Included as part of the DLC is a new level that brings the titular Naughty Bear to a cake-tasting party where something is amiss. It is up to Naughty Bear to uncover the devious plans of the newly created X-Bears and wreak havoc upon the party. Along with the DLC comes an update giving the player new hats, costumes, weapons, and challenges to further enrich the game’s previous levels.

If you have read our review, you know that we here at Game Rant are not big fans of Naughty Bear. Not at all. Even at a 35-dollar price point Naughty Bear feels like a downloadable game that should have gone for something like $10.  Really, the only positive aspect of the game is its concept. When Naughty Bear was first announced, it seemed like something ripped straight from everyone’s dark and twisted subconscious. But then, when you think about it, you realize that there can’t possibly be an engaging retail game based on a teddy bear that murders other teddy bears.

In hyping this new piece of DLC, 505 Games’ PR department said that “challenging and never-before-seen game play" would be delivered. Then, when you see what is included, you have to come to the conclusion that these are just hopeless attempts to teach an old bear new tricks. Between Naughty Bear and Backbreaker, it seems to me like 505 Games is really about trying to take a singular concept and stretch it as far as possible.

Are there any Ranters out there who really enjoy this game and are looking forward to trying out the DLC? Anyone just want to let out all of their frustrations over the game in our comments? Feel free.

You can download Naughty Bear’s DLC for yourself on Xbox Marketplace or the PlayStation Network.

Source: Xbox 360 Achievements

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