Free Copy of 'Mass Effect 2' For 'Dragon Age 2' Owners Offered Now

Free Mass Effect 2 With Dragon Age 2

It's always nice to see a publisher or developer reward their customers for helping them exceed their goals, and developer BioWare is the latest team to step up and pay tribute to their hordes of supporters. Those of you who picked up a copy of Dragon Age 2 last month or do so by the end of the month are entitled to a special bonus copy of BioWare's other epic sequel Mass Effect 2, completely free of charge.

The deal is being offered to celebrate the impressive sales of Dragon Age 2, having sold over a million copies in just 2 weeks, beating the stats put up by the game's predecessors Dragon Age: Origins. Initial numbers that strong are a good indication of just how well the game has caught on with a wide variety of gamers, which is an accomplishment in itself, given the game's controversial 'consol-ification.'

But BioWare clearly thinks there are plenty of potential fans who have yet to pick up a copy, and have sweetened the pot in the best way they know how.

Anyone who now purchases a copy of Dragon Age 2 for any platform from their website will have a few steps to follow in order to unlock a free PC copy of Mass Effect 2 for no extra cost.

A celebration wouldn't be a celebration if it left out the players who had helped Dragon Age 2 reach its lofty heights, so those of you who have already bought your brand new copy are also included via the Online Pass that came with the game.

Regardless of how you feel about Dragon Age 2's streamlining there's no denying that the game is worth a look, and at a price of just $30 when combined with ME2 both games are hard to pass up. Considering the new Dragon Age 2 DLC being released in the coming months, it might be a good idea to get in on the party sooner rather than later.

And if you console gamers might shy away from picking up ME2 on the PC, it should be noted that Dragon Age: Origins on PC was the superior version. So BioWare clearly knows what they're doing on the platform.

With Mass Effect 2's Arrival DLC setting the stage for Mass Effect 3, now would be an optimal time for those who managed to miss out on the game to see what all the buzz is about.

How do you feel about the offer? Have you already picked up both titles, or is this new promotion one you'll take advantage of regardless?

The free copy of Mass Effect 2 can be picked up with a Dragon Age 2 Online Pass for free from now until April 30. Head over to BioWare's site now to get your copy!


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Source: BioWare (via Destructoid)

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