It’s not a collaboration many would have seen coming, but the people at Maxim have been longtime fans of Epic Games’ Gears of War franchise. The titular men’s magazine announced today that they’ve collaborated with the Gears developer to bring a single map to Xbox Live, as well as the return of Execution Mode.

The best part about this Gears of War: Judgment DLC is that it’ll be completely free – saving those VIP Season Passes for later deals.

Titled Haven, the new map features a former-oasis turned frozen nightmare. Planet Sara’s tectonic plating has undergone several shifts, resulting in the drastic transition to the formerly temperate atmosphere of Haven. The level design plays out like an asymmetric circle, which funnels all of the players to the centre no matter what route they take. With the chaos of combat climaxing in the middle, this map is sure to combine entertainment and killing sprees in one package.

While Maxim has only teased tidbits about the upcoming DLC, gamers can take a look below to dress themselves for the weather:

As you can see in the pictures above, while the centre contains most of the action, stealthy players can find themselves in sniper coves placed around the map to gain the field advantage, and by default these areas will contain both torquebows and breechshots. In return, the fighters on the ground can obtain either a booshka or a digger launcher, which will be great at ‘exposing’ those pesky snipers.

The Maxim-sponsored DLC will also bring the return of Execution Mode, which plays out like a standard team deathmatch – the only difference being players will only go ‘down but not out’, and they’ll get back on their unless they’re quickly executed. This is the only way to kill enemies, unless a one-shot kill weapon happens to blow them to pieces.

What do you think about Maxim sponsoring the DLC, Ranters? Are you excited to get a free map and gamemode?

For more, check out the leaked opening cinematic and multiplayer trailer.

Gears of War: Judgment will release for Xbox 360 on March 19th, 2013 and the Maxim DLC will follow, for free, on April 2nd.

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Source: Maxim