Freddy Krueger Added to Dead by Daylight, Perks Revealed

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Today, Behaviour Interactive released the Nightmare on Elm Street add-on pack for Dead by Daylight, which adds, among other things, Freddy Krueger as a new killer. The devs have been teasing Freddy for a while now, but the dream demon has finally arrived.

The Dead by Daylight: A Nightmare on Elm Street chapter retails for $6.99 on Steam and comes with three new items. Freddy Krueger is obviously the centerpiece of the add-on as a new killer, but there is also a new survivor named Quentin Smith, and a new Badham Preschool map included in the package as well.

As far as Dead by Daylight killers go, Freddy Krueger is quite complex. In order to effectively damage survivors Freddy needs to entice them into the dream world, then wait for the survivor to fall asleep and enter the dream world, and then he can do true damage to them. This means that the traditional cat and mouse game of Dead by Daylight has a few new wrinkles, both for the killer and the survivors.

For the killer, playing as Freddy is more involved, and requires a lot more preparation before actually starting to hook survivors The pacing changes significantly in a game with Freddy, and unfortunately survivor perks that speed up generator repairs put him at a significant advantage. Conversely, the survivors can’t see Freddy until they enter his dream world; so avoiding the killer is very difficult.

Freddy also brings some new perks, a few of which are focused on preventing survivors from escaping. One in particular, summons the entity to an opened exit if a survivor is hooked. In essence, this discourages players from leaving their teammates and gives the killer an opportunity to catch a survivor before they escape.

The new survivor perks also sound like they could be useful, but whether they will replace some of the essentials is unclear for Day 1. Similarly, the Badham Preschool map looks like a fitting tribute to the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, but confined spaces are hard for Dead by Daylight to pull off well.

For an initial glance, Freddy Krueger seems like a Dead by Daylight killer that will shake things up for longtime players of Behaviour Interactive’s 4v1 asymmetric multiplayer game. That being said, it’s hard to predict whether Freddy will climb the ranks to become a top tier killer like The Nurse or Hillbilly. What Freddy could do, though, is open up the path to even more cinematic slasher icons who will join a roster that also includes Michael Myers and Leatherface.

Dead by Daylight: A Nightmare on Elm Street is available now for PC.

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