1... 2... Freddy Krueger is Coming to 'Mortal Kombat'

Freddy Krueger Mortal Kombat DLC Release Date

At this year's Comic-Con, Mortal Kombat fans everywhere were eagerly anticipating who the fourth and final character addition to the game would be. There was no shortage of speculation, but in the end even some of their most wild guesses didn't come anywhere near the truth. Today the wonderful people at NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive have announced that a very special guest will be made available as paid DLC for Mortal KombatNightmare on Elm Street's very own Freddy Krueger.

The appearance of the infamous Freddy Krueger in Mortal Kombat is easily one of the most surprising announcements in the series' history, and it's surely not one that fans will be disappointed by. The character makes a lot of sense as a combatant in the world of Mortal Kombat, and some of his moves are even more gruesome than a majority of the game's current roster. His actual move set has made an impressive transition over from the film to the game, and his nightmarish claws are certainly put to good use in the trailer that Warner Bros. Interactive released today.

You can check out Freddy Krueger's Mortal Kombat debut in the trailer below. Thanks, IGN.


Freddy seems to fit into the roster perfectly, and both of his finishers look very appropriate in regards to what he's all about — while also being gruesomely entertaining. It's certainly a random decision to add Freddy as the latest, and last, downloadable addition to the game, but it's certainly not one that anybody's complaining about. The character not only comes with two brand new fatalities and a unique move set, but his very own ladder story ending in arcade mode. Now we can finally see who would win in a fight between God of War's Kratos and Freddy Krueger!

Those looking forward to adding the Nightmare on Elm Street antagonist to their games won't have to wait very long either, as Freddy Krueger is currently set to invade the dreams of Mortal Kombat diehards everywhere on August 9th. The new Freddie Krueger character add-on will run Kombatants a mere $4.99 (400 Microsoft Points), unless you've purchased the Mortal Kombat Season Pass — in which case it'll cost you nothing!


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