Games are becoming more and more realistic and immersive as technology pushes forward. Through the introduction of the 3DTV technology and motion controllers, playing first person shooters has been edging closer and closer to literally throwing the player into a battlefield.

As a look into what could possibly be the future of gaming, YouTube star Freddie W equips a rumble pack vest, PlayStation 3 backpack, a PlayStation Move Sharpshooter and a holographic headband to head into battle against the Resistance series’ Chimera. The video is an interesting take on what console makers seem to have taken a step towards in the past year, since introducing the latest motion controls. What if first person shooters were turned into visually realistic games of video paintball? It’s all the fun of running around with a machine gun without the trouble of limited and messy paint, just a very long extension cord.

Since the Wii U and its tablet controller was announced, developers have been talking about the next generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles and their expected release dates. EA wonders what a next generation console would even do to improve the gaming experience. The Xbox 360 has been blamed for the lag in recent graphic improvements as the hardware in the six year-old console starts to show its age against both the PlayStation 3 and newer PC systems. Or maybe, the next step isn’t better graphics. Perhaps for the next generation of consoles, Microsoft and Sony will try to take Apple and the Wii U on in the tablet and TV gaming market or… something more like Freddie’s new contraption in the video below:


The Wii, the PlayStation Move and the Kinect have all encouraged players to get off the couch and get physically involved and immersed in gaming experiences. Hardcore or old school gamers will argue that video games were meant to be played sitting on the couch and relaxing, but many people have embraced motion controllers, encouraging the developers of big name releases to add the 3D and Playstation Move functionality to their games, including Insomniac with Resistance 3.

If hologram technology were advanced to the point of a Star Trek holodeck, this is exactly the kind of game you would expect developers to produce. But what about sports games? Imagine going to your nearby baseball field and reliving the world series by physically playing in it. As always, Freddie W does a great job of sparking the imaginations of his viewers with an interesting and creative concept, with masterful visual effects that make it come to life.

What do you think future consoles have in store for us? Do you dream of holographic gun battles or sporting events or do you want to keep playing games from the comfort of your couch?