Live-Action 'Battlefield 3' Commercial Showcases Game's Best Vehicle

FreddieW Battlefield 3 TV Commercial

Freddie Wong is no stranger to making video game related videos. In fact, you could say he's an expert. It was Freddie's previous video predicting what Battlefield 4 would look like that caught the eye of Electronic Arts and so they recruited him and his crew to create a TV commercial for Battlefield 3, with one major requirement — it had to be done in ten days.

The rushed time table for the video was to have it help promote the 'Only in Battlefield 3' community video challenge where users can create their own in-game vids using authentic Battlefield 3 music for a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Stockholm, Sweden to meet the crew at DICE who developed the game.

Freddie W and his crew are used to getting their videos done in a short period of time, but this commercial would require a lot more elements than their standard YouTube video. They needed help, and called upon their YouTube special effects brethren over at Corridor Digital to assist with the project.

The final product was something that both Freddie W and Battlefield 3 fans will definitely enjoy as it depicts something they can have fun with in the Back to Karkland DLC. The commercial will be played on TV but you can watch and enjoy the latest work of Freddie W early on his YouTube channel. Check the ad below:


As demonstrated in the video, EA wants to showcase and emphasize the things games can only do in Battlefield 3. Unlike Modern Warfare 3, there are many different ways to take down your enemies when vehicles are thrown into the mix. For example, ejecting out of a jet and taking down an enemy fighter with an RPG as you parachute to the ground.

There's also a video giving a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this Battlefield 3 video. It gives some insight into the process from beginning to the end of the project as well as some of the techniques utilized to make the video.

It's always interesting to see how these shorts are put together. One would expect Freddie's crew and the guys at Corridor Digital to feel the pressure with a ten day deadline, though it seems they prefer it that way. They were just given a mission and were able to just jump into the creative process. If you love Freddie's work, make sure to check out his other videos including Minecraft Massacre and Gamer Commute.


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