Will Frank West Guest Star in Dead Rising 2?

Frank West in Dead Rising 2

Frank West is a very busy man; he covers wars, slays hordes of the undead and even finds  the time to drop by and make a few appearances in several other games. His next appearance may be a triumphant return to the series that introduced the bad-ass photo journalist to the world.

A blurry photo (above) showed up in a post on Tape It or Die, Capcom's viral Dead Rising 2 site, where a Fortune City survivor by the name of Johnny Pipes documents his adventures in zombie watching. Even though the photo is kind of difficult to make out, the figure on the right definitely resembles the photo journalist extraordinaire we know as Frank West.

The picture was part of a post where Mr. Pipes talks about seeing someone fighting alongside Dead Rising 2 protagonist, Chuck Greene. Johnny Pipes notes:

"So, I go after him. But then I see some other dude. Vaguely recognized him. Maybe saw him at a party a few years back. Maybe a celebrity. Can't remember his name, though. Phil? Floyd? Regardless, he was fighting zombies, too. It was like Oktoberfest! But replace beer with zombies! And drinking with slaughter! It was like I'd died and gone to heaven."

Obviously, it can't be anyone else other than Frank West. He's a legend, and he's covered wars, you know.

We don't know for sure whether Frank West will just have a small cameo or whether he'll join the fight in co-op, but the previous report of drop-in two player co-op suggests it could be a definite possibility. This is the closest thing to a confirmation from Capcom for Frank West and hopefully it's not a hoax. The demo of Dead Rising 2 at E3 2010 had co-op disabled and it makes sense since Capcom wanted to keep the Frank West news under wraps until the release date grew closer.

If you're anything like Johnny Pipes and you don't recognize the blurry guy in the photo, then let me explain, Frank West was the main character in the first Dead Rising and has gone on to become a fan favourite - achieving cult status among Dead Rising die hards. Fans will get excited for any mention of a chance that Frank West will show up and I would easily consider myself included. I was already greatly anticipating Dead Rising 2, and a possible Frank West appearance is just the icing on the already delicious zombified cake.

Are you hoping for Frank West to appear in Dead Rising 2, Ranters?

Dead Rising 2 is set to zombie shuffle onto the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 28th,2010.

Source: Tape it or Die

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