The fan bases of both the Halo and Call of Duty franchises are a rabid bunch, but KontrolFreek, makers of gamepad accessories for the dedicated gamers have rolled out a new line of analog stick extensions that are sure to please. In honor of the launch of both Black Ops 2 and Halo 4, the FPS Freek Havoc and FPS Freek Infinity, respectively, have been built to match.

The new sets are inspired by two of the biggest video game releases coming this holiday season, with faces laser-etched with series-specific graphics. For Black Ops 2, a stylish black skull, and for Halo 4, the UNSC Spartan IV insignia. The aesthetic of both speaks for itself in the screenshots, as the level of detail continues to impress. For Halo fans with plenty of time on their hands, the Forerunner runes on the sticks themselves may be worth a bit of attention.

For those unfamiliar with KontrolFreek’s previous line-up of analog extensions, now’s as good a time as any to see if a heightened precision with analog sticks on both PS3 and Xbox 360 can take your multiplayer skills to the next level. And thanks to these new releases, gamers can do it with more style than ever before.

Luckily, style isn’t the only thing going for them. Both the Infinity and the Havoc is based on the size of the previous FPS Elite, placing it somewhere in the middle in terms of extended length. The length was the most versatile version in our opinion, and the blending of the stylized faces with the slight depression of the CQC sticks makes this pair one of our favorites.

FPS Freek Havoc Review

While previous releases in the FPS Freek line-up offer a more specialized style for sniping, faster-twitch shooters or merely a more durable cap, the Havoc and Infinity won’t excel in those particular areas as well. But for those who end up with sore thumbs during extended play sessions, and have been considering accessorizing, now might be the time to try them out, and let your passion show at the same time.

Upon extended use the sticks retained their grip on the stock analog tops better than previous versions, although that’s as much a credit to the extenders as the increased durability of the Xbox 360 gamepads. The same was true for the PlayStation 3, so clearly KontrolFreek is honing in on their attention to detail.

At first it was a bit of a disappointment to see only the Havoc come in a matte black finish, since the blue color scheme of the Infinity doesn’t exactly scream ‘Xbox exclusive.’ But after some time warming up to the neon look, the logo detail was easier to appreciate on the Infinity than the Havoc, so we’ll leave that decision up to the consumer.

FPS Freek Infinity Review

The FPS Havoc and FPS Infinity are most impressive due to the amount of time that clearly went into designing subtle accessories that aren’t going to break down or disappoint, and possess just enough fan service to make them the ideal gift for the Halo or CoD fan on your shopping list. That might not be enough to convince newcomers to give them a shot, but at their current price, fans are guaranteed to get their money’s worth.

Whether needed for that competitive edge or not, both the FPS Freek Havoc and FPS Freek make a perfect stocking-stuffer, and are available from KontrolFreek’s website for USD $13.99 now.

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