Fox News Makes Strange Claim About Bloodborne and the Switch


Fox News isn't exactly known for its comprehensive video game coverage, and as such, it may not be surprising that one recent article has left gamers on various forums scratching their heads. Earlier today, Fox News published a strange article recapping the past year for the Nintendo Switch, wherein it makes odd claims about Nintendo's latest console, Bloodborne, and other titles.

When discussing what the future holds for the Switch, the article claims that "Dark Souls Remastered is the long-awaited remake of Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne." This sentence left some fans thinking that Bloodborne's exclusivity with PS4 would be ending soon, and the game would be coming to the Switch at some point down the road. However, it is actually claiming that the upcoming Dark Souls Remastered, an enhanced version of the original 2011 hit game, is actually somehow a remake of both Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne.

It may go without saying for many, but this bizarre claim is false. It's possible it was just a typo, but another sentence in the same article has also been met with criticism.

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Later in the same paragraph, the article also mentions rumors that new Fire Emblem and Yoshi games could be coming to the Switch in 2018. The problem with this sentence is that Nintendo has already confirmed a Yoshi game for 2018, and with the game shown at last year's E3 event, its existence is far from a rumor. Furthermore, Nintendo has officially announced a new Fire Emblem game for the Switch that, unless plans have changed, is also expected to launch for the console by the end of the year.

Despite having information that is clearly incorrect, this Fox News article has remained unchanged since it was published nine hours ago. However, now that it is starting to receive more attention on various gaming forums, perhaps the website will be convinced to edit the incorrect information or pull the article until it is fixed.

Source: Fox News

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