Collector’s Editions: Four Video Games With Totally Ridiculous CE Packages

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It’s hard to resist a good collector’s edition. While some of them come with lackluster bonus features, others come with replica figures, fancy boxes, or other cool accoutrements.

And then there are the other collector’s editions, the ones that ask for an exorbitant amount of money for increasingly bizarre rewards, including leather jackets and parkour lessons. Though many of these were probably intended as marketing ploys rather than actual products, there’s always someone out there willing to shell out serious cash to get their hands on gaming exclusives. These are four of the craziest collector’s editions out there, in no particular order.

Resident Evil 6 Collector's Edition

While looking like Leon would be pretty awesome, Resident Evil 6‘s collector’s edition cost over a thousand dollars for four tablet covers and a replica jacket. Image Source: Playstation Europe via Flickr.

Resident Evil 6 Collector’s Edition Features Leon’s Leather Jacket

Resident Evil 6 wasn’t really the sequel fans of the series had been waiting for, but if it had one thing going for it, it was the absolutely outrageous collector’s edition.

The game came with several collector’s editions, in various shades of ridiculous, but it was the Limited Edition that stole the show. With a price tag of just under $1,300, this collector’s edition featured a copy of the game, four tablet covers (presumably because the Resident Evil fan that can afford a thousand-dollar collector’s edition can also afford four tablets), and, best of all, a replica of Leon’s leather jacket.

To be fair, the jacket is pretty cool (as seen in this unboxing video), and new leather jackets aren’t exactly cheap. But the number of people who can afford to drop over a thousand dollars on a collector’s edition, particularly when the game received lukewarm reviews, is pretty small. Even smaller when you consider that this $1,300 collector’s edition was only released in Japan, meaning it wasn’t even available for general purchase.

Dying Light Collector's Edition

If you like video games and zombie apocalypse preparedness (and have a huge chunk of money to blow), Dying Light‘s My Apocalypse collector’s edition might be for you.

Dying Light Collector’s Edition Sets You Up For the Zombie Apocalypse

Everybody has a plan for the inevitable zombie apocalypse these days, and Dying Light creators Techland are here to help you create yours.

For almost $400,000, Techland offered exactly one exclusive collector’s edition of Dying Light. It included not one, but four steelbook copies of the game, night-vision goggles, zombie survival parkour lessons, a custom, real-world zombie shelter, and, among other things, adult diapers.

For those of you looking for the ultimate Dying Light experience, you’re in luck—the “My Apocalypse” package is still available from UK retailer GAME. And even if the zombie apocalypse never comes, you still have ultimate bragging rights, because unless your friends bought the next collector’s edition on this list, you have one of the most expensive collector’s editions ever made.


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