‘Forza 5’ Review Roundup: Not Perfect, But Close To It

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Few launch titles for either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One have enjoyed as much hype, and garnered as much buzz and positive feedback as Forza Motorsport 5. As one of Microsoft’s most acclaimed exclusives to date, the next-gen racing simulation has become the showpiece of not only the graphical power of the Xbox One, but its Cloud-based infusion of multiplayer into the singleplayer experience.

With improved visuals and an even stronger Top Gear influence, Forza 5 has been pitched as the game motoring enthusiasts have been waiting for. But would a need to ship alongside the Xbox One have an impact on just how much content Turn 10 Studios could pack into their latest installment?

The reviews are in, and overwhelmingly positive given Forza 5‘s ability to show off the horsepower of the Xbox One. However, some diehard fans might not feel that Turn 10 has improved every aspect of the core experience.

OXM (Cameron Lewis):

“While a handful of dings and scrapes will unquestionably set some teeth on edge, Forza Motorsport 5 remains a fantastic opening salvo in the battle of the Xbox One racers. If you’ve taken the plunge on Microsoft’s new system, and you care one whit about four-wheeled excellence, hop in and peel out.”

Score: 9/10

Game Informer (Matthew Kato):

“Forza 5 takes a big step forward only to be held back by what it has removed. I’d rather not have to be subject to such a tradeoff, but then again a racer’s fortune is always made out on the track.”

Score: 8.75/10

Forza 5 Announcement Screenshot Close-up

Eurogamer (Martin Robinson):

“With Forza Motorsport 5, Turn 10’s created a driving experience both accessible and beautiful – but it’s been stripped back to make Xbox One’s launch, and augmented with a host of ugly extras that only serve Microsoft’s bid to make a few dollars more.”

Score: 7/10

Polygon (Arthur Gies):

Forza 5 is beautiful, sure, with a stunning, light-filled world of engines and tire smoke. But with the introduction of aggressive, convincing AI that makes every offline race feel like a multiplayer competition, Turn 10 has charted a course for the future of the series – and created the Xbox One’s first must-own game.”

Score: 9/10

Joystiq (Ludwig Kietzmann):

“There’s a pleasant lack of pressure to come in first, as most races prove lucrative with any placement, and even more rewarding if you increase the level of realism and difficulty of those damned cloud people. And if you’d just like to take it easy and have the car drive itself, that’s totally fine too. Progression in Forza 5 is too pleasant and assured to feel like a grind.”

Score: 8/10

Forza Motorsport 5 Online

Gamespot (Shaun McInnis):

“All of this combined makes Forza Motorsport 5 an outstanding improvement to an already excellent racing franchise. It’s far more than just a great racing sim, or a gorgeous showcase for the types of feats the Xbox One hardware is capable of. This is a game built on the romantic thrill of motorsport in all its forms, and that love for its subject matter is all but impossible to resist.”

Score: 9/10

Destructoid (Dale North):

“Even with all of its visual wow and cloud features, Forza 5 feels like there should have been more to it. In some ways it feels like an incremental content update with brand new visuals… But, at the end of the day, the racing is what matters. And with this game, the racing is fantastic, and Turn 10 is really onto something with this Drivatar stuff. It alone gives Forza Motorsport 5 something over every other racer out there, pushing the genre forward.”

Score: 9/10

IGN (Luke Reilly):

“Forza 5 is gorgeous and smooth as butter, and its utterly enchanting handling makes it a joy to drive hard, but this game is more than just a rock solid technical titan for the Xbox One. It’s an essential destination for the automobile obsessed. It may be lighter on girth than where we left off last generation, and still lacking much-requested features like night racing and rain, but wrestling a car through some of the world’s most legendary corners at the very limits of adhesion has never looked or felt this good on console.”

Score: 8.8/10

Forza 5 Announcement Screenshot Car Doors

EGM (Ray Carsillo):

Forza Motorsport 5’s Career mode is a shell of its former self, giving little reason for players to keep coming back. Couple this with a dismal launch lineup of cars and tracks, and this is a surprising step backward for the Forza franchise as it helps kick off Microsoft’s next-gen console.”

Score: 6.5/10


“Forza 5 is a launch game with all the spectacle and disappointment we’ve come to expect from launch games. While the handling is still magic and the content on offer is substantial in a way, Forza 5 is best seen as a foundation for what Forza 6 will be in a couple of years.”

Score: 7/10

Escapist (Justin Clouse):

“It’s quite possibly the best looking next-gen title. Hardcore fans will enjoy it to its full extent, but it’s fairly forgiving to newcomers as well. There’s just not a ton of middle ground, you’ll either really love it or not be interested at all. If you like realistic race simulations, this is the game for you.”

Score: 7/10

What do you make of the game’s critical reception? Have the reviews matched your expectations for Forza 5‘s next-gen launch, or are you expecting the game to be heavily modified post-release? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Forza Motorsport 5 will release November 22, 2013 exclusively for the Xbox One.

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