It may not have been the most shocking element of Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal to hear that Forza Motorsport 5 would be showcasing the graphic potency of the new console, Turn 10 Studios didn’t let that stop them from delivering one heck of a trailer.

Jaw-dropping visuals in a cinematic trailer are nothing new to the franchise, but simulation racing fans will be glad to know that when the Xbox One hits store shelves later this year, Forza 5 will be right next to it. Check out the trailer now.

It was rumored that Forza 5 would be among the console exclusives being developed to accompany the console’s launch, and from all standpoints, the move makes sense. Even Sony recognized that a next-gen system requires a next-gen racing sim to help it shine – surprisingly not Gran Turismo 6 – and Turn 10 has distinguished itself in recent years as one of Microsoft’s most critically acclaimed exclusive studios.

With the jump to a brand new console, with brand new technical specs, it seems fitting that the announcement trailer should feature the McLaren P1 so prominently. As a hybrid supercar, the P1 – like Forza 5 – is somewhat of a bridge: between what was the pinnacle of development, and what the future may hold for the industry.

If there is one racing franchise of the last generation that truly scraped its way to the top of the heap – surprising more than a few players and developers in the process – it has been Forza. However, that also means lowered expectations are a thing of the past. While we wait to see exactly how Turn 10 manages to improve on the nearly-flawless Forza 4 (read our review), it’s comforting to see that the success of the spin-off Forza Horizon hasn’t affected the core vision for Forza Motorsport proper.

Although Horizon managed to exceed the usual quality of spin-off games (read that review), the announcement trailer shows that racing the most exquisite cars in the world today is still Forza Motorsport 5‘s top priority. Again, we’d warn that putting too much emphasis on a well-rendered trailer isn’t a wise move for anyone. Hopefully the mechanics and online components of the upcoming game will be highlighted soon enough.

Forza Motorsport 5 Logo

Until then, fans can look forward to yet another racing simulation that isn’t too bad to look at it. And it seems supercar manufacturers aren’t making ugly cars either.

What do you think of the trailer? Do you wish Turn 10 had revealed a bit more in the event? Is the lack of a more in-depth look cause for concern, or has the studio earned the benefit of the doubt in your eyes? Share your thoughts on Forza 5, and the possibility of other launch titles tipping the scales, in the comments below.

Forza Motorsport 5 is expected to release later this year, exclusively for the Xbox One.

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