‘The Stig’ Confirmed For ‘Forza Motorsport 5’

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Our hopes for Forza Motorsport 5 went sky high after E3 2013, but motoring enthusiasts have a few more reasons to look forward to the Xbox One launch title –  now that BBC series and magazine Top Gear provided a few more hints on how they’ll be helping shape the game experience.

The latest trailer for Forza 5 confirms that the series’ tamed racing driver ‘The Stig’ will not only be featured in the game, but will be challenging players to best his lap times. It’s just one of what looks to be many overlaps between Turn 10‘s racing franchise and the motoring series, and is sure to please the franchise’s most devoted fans.

Turn 10 established that their relationship with Top Gear – established in Forza 4 with a definite video gaming slant – would be growing even more extensive when we spoke to the developers at E3 2013. For starters, the classes of cars would no longer be divided by manufacturer or price, but grouped together by ‘spirit,’ under the tutelage of the motoring experts at Top Gear. Even so, exactly how visible the magazine – and the BBC series in particular – would be in the finished game was unclear.

Thanks to the above trailer, it seems the series will be very visible. Here’s the official announcement accompanying the reveal of The Stig’s ‘digital cousin’:

Yes, Internet, making his debut in Forza Motorsport 5 is the virtual version of our tame racing driver — though this one’s slightly different. He — or it — is allegedly beatable. But only if you’re really good. That means you lucky folks who plan on snapping up the shiny new Xbox One and Forza 5 next month will be among the planet’s first to take him on.

As you know, Forza 5 will feature the Top Gear test track, rendered in meticulous detail, including the follow-through and Gambon sections. Though the ramshackle shed where we store all of our crisps might not have made the cut.

Forza Motorsport Top Gear Stig Trailer

In addition to the Top Gear test track and mysterious driver (whose identity is unknown, but regularly challenges F1 drivers) Forza 5 will feature not only a return of Jeremy Clarkson’s signature commentary, but he’ll be joined by both his co-presenters Richard Hammond and James May. In addition, the finished game will include “races inspired by Top Gear events,” but the producers wouldn’t provide any clarification. In other words: compact car soccer is a very real possibility (but don’t hold your breath).

These extra touches may seem trivial for casual fans, but the most devoted gearheads will no doubt be eager to see how the two brands continue to evolve their relationship. And if you fall into the latter category, be sure to take a look at the Limited and Day One Editions.

Think you’ll have what it takes to knock The Stig down a peg or two? Or is it the commentary from Clarkson, May and Hammond that you’re most looking forward to? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.


And on that bombshell, Forza Motorsport 5 will release November 22, 2013 exclusively for the Xbox One.

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