New Trailers for 'FortressCraft,' the Xbox 360 Answer to 'Minecraft'

FortressCraft Xbox 360

The Minecraft sensation continues to inspire and delight gamers and developers. ProjectorGames has recently announced FortressCraft for the Xbox Live Indie Games channel. The game appears to have quite a few graphical and gameplay similarities to the immensely popular other something-Craft game.

With FortressCraft, gamers can play with up to 31 friends over Xbox Live. FortressCraft: Chapter 1 -- The Creation is scheduled to release this Spring, and will allow players to be masters of their own world in a "game about construction, survival and destruction," according to the game's blog.

Initially FortressCraft will release on Xbox Live Indie Games. In the future, the developers  hope to release it on Windows, Mac, Linux, and maybe even in browsers. The game will apparently release episodically, as hinted at by its pricing structure. Each chapter will cost 80 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Indie Games channel. The team will decide on pricing for other platforms upon the game's release.

As revealed in this gameplay trailer, FortressCraft appears fully navigable with a controller:


The team also has a test video with Xbox Avatars populating the world:


Game Rant covered an official iOS port of Minecraft only yesterday, and fans have already been begging for the game to have an XBLA and PSN port. FortressCraft is most likely an attempt to satisfy this itch, not unlike the unofficial ports of Minecraft that hit other platforms way before Swedish developer Mojang announced its official port.

While the comparisons and flamings have already begun on FortressCraft's website, the developer asserts that the game does not infringe on Minecraft's copyright at all. "No it doesn't infringe copy right. All the graphics, code, branding and trademarks are our own," according to the blog.

Either way, the mere image of Xbox Avatars in a Minecraft-looking world should excite many gamers. The Avatar Kinect announced at CES and Minecraft Kinect hacks should marry together nicely with some FortressCraft hacks or implementations in the future.

What are your thoughts on FortressCraft?

FortressCraft is expected to release on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel this Spring.

Source: ProjectorGames, FortressCraft [via DIYgamer]

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