Fortnite’s 60 FPS Performance Mode Detailed


Although Fortnite originally launched with the Save The World mode, it seems clear that the Battle Royale mode has taken the spotlight. Fans still upset about the jetpack delay may rejoice in the fact that an optional 60 frames-per-second (fps) mode is now available in the game (but only for the Battle Royale mode). While a 60fps option is available in some games, they generally fail to deliver, but not Fortnite.

Fortnite manages to accomplish this powerful mode by combining new Unreal Engine 4 graphics technology and intensive CPU optimization. The results paid off, as the new mode locks at its 60fps consistently across all platforms, with a minimal amount of hitching. It’s not perfect though, with issues and drops occurring at the very top of the screen or in more graphically complex towns.

The aforementioned technological information is based on social media posts and the recent patch notes (which also gives Battle Royale a new location and tweaks to the weapon drop rates). Not only in this mode much smoother, it also gives Fortnite a crucial advantage over PUBG, as it struggles to maintain its 30fps target. Both games, however, suffer frame-rate weaknesses when parachuting into the level.

The increased fps isn’t without a price, however. It is worth noting that the standard Xbox One has the weakest GPU of current-gen consoles, with resolution peaking at 900p, dropping to 600p, and maintaining a solid 792p. The Xbox One X, however, is the most powerful current-gen console, and it shows with resolution reaching 1728p and generally measuring at 1440p. Both PS4 and Pro aim for 1080p, with the base console falling to 756p and Pro falling to 900p. With that being said, the PS4 regularly hit 900p, and the Pro achieved 1080p.

Although the increased fps affects the game’s resolution, Fortnite still delivers a viable 60fps experience across all consoles. The tradeoff – image clarity for smoother gameplay – is fair and worth it. It doesn't seem likely, however, that gamers will be seeing the Terminator or Walter White in 60fps. Nevertheless, once Fortnite is experienced in 60fps, it may be hard for some gamers to turn back.

Fortnite is available now in early access on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Eurogamer

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